Thursday, 28 October 2010

Video - Project Zip: BSSO Round 7 - Three Sisters

Our Project Zip saga came to a close in the final showdown in this year's BSSO series which took place at Three Sisters earlier this month. Josh's crash in the previous round at Cadwell Park meant that he had to start at the back of the grid. Despite this he managed to work his way through the field overtaking the opposition including the likes of the big cc classic scooter riders in true David and Goliath style. Josh finished first in his class but judging by the way he raced finishing first overall was the only thing on his mind. Zack Tingle also put in a good performance but he's had some bad luck this year, a crash in lap four took away his chance of finishing the race.

After the early morning mist disappeared and the racing got underway it was frantic action from the start with riders putting in their best performance in order to claim those championship points and for some, victory in the 2010 series:

The final race of the BSSO 2010 series was the icing on the cake. The Three Sisters circuit had its fair share of racing talent but the power of Polini was on our side and Josh managed to claim victory with a superb first place win. Josh was closely followed by Young Gun Joe Ravenscroft who appeared to pull some serious racing skills out of the bag towards the end of the series. Meanwhile, DNF's seem to have been the theme of the year for Pedstop rider Zack Tingle who, unless we're mistaken, has yet to finish a race! Better luck next time Zack. All in all a successful first year of racing for the Adrenalin Pedstop crew and a memorable one too.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Ramair Pod filters in stock for scooters and mopeds

Good news - stocks of the popular Ramair product line of Pod and Custom Pod moped and scooter filters are on the shelves.

After some performance and durability tests we couldn't say no to the distribution offer especially with the price we're able to retail them at:

£14.55 for the Pod filter available in 28-34mm and 40mm
£18.00 for the Custom Pod filter also available in 28-34mm and 40mm

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Video - Project Zip: BSSO Round 6 - Cadwell Park

The next installment in our Project Zip video saga is now live on YouTube - BSSO Round 6 at Cadwell Park. After numerous delays on the track, the first race was reduced to just three laps, as usual there seemed to be no stopping Josh Brown who managed to blitz the opposition and secure a first place win with a massive ten second lead. Sit back and watch Josh annihilate the opposition:

The second race on day one at Cadwell involved a close battle between Josh and Keith Terry (number 11) who rides a 172cc Gilera Runner. Despite the power difference Josh maintained enough speed throughout the race but the Zip sounded ill especially towards the end when it became apparent to the spectators that something was wrong. Josh still managed to come first in his class and second overall in the autos. Some spanner work was now needed to rectify the Zip before the start of day two.

On day two torrential rain and a fuel spill made for nightmare racing conditions which led to a number of riders hurtling along the track in the wet including Josh who raced fearlessly despite the lashing rain. Unfortunately the Zip couldn't take it and lost stability in the second lap. Keep your eyes peeled until end of the video where it looks like Josh went down for a spot of breakdancing.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Pedstop BSSO 2010 Championship Winners

We're delighted to announce that the Pedstop Race Team have emerged victorious in this year's BSSO scooter championship. What started out with us playing around with a Piaggio Zip quickly saw us getting into racing and on a tour of circuits throughout the country. By and large it's thanks to Polini that this was made possible when they donated one of their Big Evolution engines for us to test, not forgetting of course 16 year old Josh Brown who went from strength to strength with his formidable riding skills out there on the track despite all the obstacles. It's great to know that with our feedback and testing we've also been able to assist Polini in their developments along the way.

In Round 6 at Cadwell there seemed to be no stopping Josh who managed to blitz the opposition and secure a first place win with a massive ten second lead in the first race, this was followed by another win in race two. And despite starting at the back of the grid in the final round at Three Sisters, Josh managed to work his way through the field and go on to win this year's BSSO Championship. Dominating the track looked easy in the final race despite some close competition all the way to the end. You can read all about the final round here. If you missed out on any of our Project Zip installments, articles and videos covering the season's racing can be found here on the PETROL Scooter Magazine website.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Last week Pedstop scouts were dispatched to Germany to the INTERMOT show which takes place in Cologne every two years. Some fine accordion playing was witnessed in the streets and much bratwurst was consumed (apparently the white sausage comes highly recommended). As expected there was plenty to see at the show including some cool custom scooters on display, some new scooter models (a lot of electric scoots), stunting and sprinting galore. Suffice to say many photos were taken and some video. A show report will go live on PETROL soon, in the meantime you can take a look at our photos from the show on Flickr. The first batch of pics have already been uploaded, there's plenty more to come so keep your eyes peeled.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Project Zip: Cadwell Results

It's been a busy week here at Adrenalin HQ with little time to spare to tell you all about how last weekend's racing went at Cadwell Park. So how did it go? Well after fairly lengthy delays on the track in the first race on day one Josh Brown managed to secure a first place win with a massive ten second lead. Due to a number of delays on the track with riders waiting for a prolonged length of time at the start line, the race was reduced to just three laps. At one point in the race Josh was that much in front he looked behind him no doubt wondering if the race had been stopped as there were no other riders to be seen. It was business as usual for Josh in the second race too with another win. Racing on the full circuit (2.173 miles) Josh mustered up some quick lap times, with 2:00.61 being his best lap time at Cadwell on day one.

Even though he won, Josh's Zip glided over the finish line at the end of race two, the Zip blew an O-ring and upon closer inspection the cylinder head was damaged which led to an engine swap to ensure that things went smoothly before racing commenced on day two. In contrast to Saturday's racing which was mostly bright and sunny, the track at Cadwell was very wet and slippery on day two which led to a number of riders coming off including Josh. With riders waiting in their grid positions at the start line, the first race ended up being cancelled after a fuel spill which rendered the track unsafe. This caused lengthy delays. In the second race Josh was really going for it in the wet, Josh came off and this puts him at the back of the grid in the next round.

Meanwhile, it was trials and tribulations for fellow Pedstop rider Zack Tingle who was unable to actually complete a race over the whole weekend due to technical problems. Hopefully he'll have more luck in the next round.

The 2010 BSSO series comes to a close end this weekend, the final round takes place tomorrow at Three Sisters. Some of you may recall Josh's blistering performance there back in May when he won all four races and set a new track record. We're expecting good things at Three Sisters but as we all know, anything can happen in racing. Who will win the championship?!

Yasuni Tub-350 exhaust for Yamaha XMAX

Yasuni have developed a performance pipe for the Yamaha XMAX 125 that offers greater power, more torque and is 44% lighter than the standard Yamaha XMAX exhaust. For comparison, the Yasuni Tub-350 is just over 3kg lighter than the standard pipe which weighs in at a heavyweight 7.05kg, Yasuni Tub-350: 3.90kg. Also worth noting is that this is currently the only XMAX exhaust on the market that's produced using multiple cones. Stainless steel fasteners and components have been used along with a 100% carbon cone/end cover. Noise levels have been reduced with the inclusion of a resonance chamber and labyrinth system with additional mineral fibres for greater sound retention. We're informed that the pipe sounds good while still abiding to current homologation requirements. Available some time in November, price around £250.

Merchandise: Yasuni utility knife

It's not often we plug this sort of thing on the blog but we thought you might be interested to know that supplies of this handy Yasuni branded utility knife will be with us very soon. Price: £16.95