Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Opening Times Over Christmas - Adrenalin Pedstop

Just a quick message to let you know that we are shipping parts as normal all of this week up until and including Friday the 20th which is our last day before we close over Christmas. All items sent using a next day service on Friday should arrive on Monday the 23rd and we re-open on the 2nd of January 2014.

Have a great Christmas and be safe

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Stickyparts Adjustable Shock Absorbers from £26.00

We now stock a range of front and rear dampers from Stickyparts available for a big range of scooters and mopeds including some previously only available from main dealers. Each rear shock features adjustable pre load for fine tuning dependent on the riders weight and offers an improvement over most OE original items thanks to the high quality manufacture and finish from the well known Forsa.

Derbi GPR – STP834 - £69.60
Aprilia RS 50 2006 > - STP835 - £69.60
Derbi Senda 2000 > - STP836 - £75.60
Yamaha DT 50 – STP837 - £75.60
Peugeot XP6 – STP838 - £75.60
Yamaha TZR 50 – STP839 - £69.60
Peugeot XPS 50 – STP840 - £75.60
Peugeot XR6 – STP841 - £69.60
Piaggio NRG – STP843 - £30.50
Honda SH 125 / 150 – STP945 - £28.90
Vespa ET2 / ET4 front – STP946 - £40.00
Yamaha BWS – STP948 - £26.00
Aprilia Rally etc – STP949 - £26.00

Honda PCX 125 Exhaust System

OE Honda exhaust systems are retailed for around £400.00 so this standard replacement alternative at £103.00 saves you some serious cash! Supplied pre painted with black heat paint and fitted with matching heat shield.

AD/HSL100 - £103.00

PedMoto Contrast Springs for Minarelli & Piaggio Engines

Changing the strength of your contrast spring can be vital to get your tuned engine to hold a consistent RPM keeping your engine on power for longer. Applying more pressure to the torque driver can help to reduce belt slip whilst forcing the engine to feel more responsive and often make more power.

Minarelli engines 3.8mm – PMP001 - £6.10
Piaggio engines 4.0mm – PMP005 - £6.10

Friday, 27 September 2013

Polini 94cc Automatic Pit Bike from Adrenalin-Pedstop

Scooter Pit Bike Hybrid hmm Why?

Why not tune up just a scooter or pit bike, well we thought that had been done already, not by just us but loads of people everywhere lots of times.
The amazing thing about Pit bikes is there awesome useability on tarmac as well as off road, we maybe shouldn't say this but due to the seat, feet, handlebar position of your everyday 140cc thumper they make an excellent tarmac scratcher with more stability than your average scooter. You can get away with wild maneuvers that would result in a crash on a normal ped.
With this said they do have a lumpy gearbox with OK acceleration which is still great for masses of fun but put a 94cc 2 stroke engine with CVT transmission and surely it will be awesome?

Well that's what we are hoping for a track focused looney tune two wheeler with all the fun of a pitbike and the crazy acceleration and consistency of a race prepared scooter engine. Videos and more pics coming soon!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

S-Line Evolution race crankshaft range from Stickyparts

These new editions to our range from Stickyparts have been well received due to price and quality. Produced by CM Racing a well renowned manufacturer of crankshafts for many of the European brands puts these cranks in a crazy mix, very low affordable price with the quality and performance of the big boys. The recession is being kind to our customers with prices from as little as £69.95

STP773 - £85.00 AM6 over sized shoulders
STP774 - £76.44 SYM Jet
STP772 - £73.00 AM6
STP771 - £73.00 Derbi EB050
STP770 - £73.00 Derbi D50B0
STP769 - £69.95 Minarelli Horizontal
STP768 - £69.95 Piaggio 2T

New Moped spares from Pedstop - Cables

New moped cables from Stickyparts are in stock for all of the popular geared mopeds like Aprilia RS, SX, RX, Gilera RCR, SMT, Derbi Senda, MBK X-Limit, X-Power, Peugeot XP6, XPS, XR6, Yamaha DT 50 and TZR 50.

Moped throttle cables, speedo cables, brake cables and clutch cables from only £5.50

Adrenalin-Pedstop's Workshop is open from the 30th of September

All manners of workshop work taken from engine rebuilds, dyno work, parts fitting, servicing, race setup etc. Prices run from £40 per hour fitting service and £45 per hour Dyno time.
For you guys that live some distance away from us you can book in and wait whilst the work is done, alternatively you could send us your engine and we can fit parts or rebuild the engine as required.

Small jobs like rollers and belt changes etc can be completed in minutes, call us for more information or to book on Tel:01226 630020

Friday, 16 August 2013

Adrenalin-Pedstop Saturday Opening Times - 9am-1pm

Our opening times are changing from Saturday the 17th of August, this weekend in other words.
We really need to dedicate more time to the development of exhaust systems we have in the pipe line which unfortunately is taking a hit on our opening times on Saturdays only.

So new opening times are as follows
Monday - Friday - 9am - 5pm
Saturday - 9am - 1pm
Sunday - Closed

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Polini 32 & 34mm Carburettors - Adrenalin-Pedstop

Polini have released two enormous flat slide carburettors to add to their already extensive range. Before each carburettor is released from the factory they under go some very important checks and changes to maintain the same carburation and adjustment parameters on every carb. The float level is checked and meticulously adjusted as is the needle pressure tightness. This puts the Polini carburettor ahead of the competition supplying a quality carburettor specifically designed for use on 2 stroke or 4 stroke small capacity engines. Expect some big HP gains when used on high end 70 - 94cc and Gilera Runner 172 / 180cc 2T setups for example

32mm - 201.0170
34mm - 201.0171

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

SYM Jet 4 125cc Exhaust System

The Scoot4 range from Tecnigas boasts ANSI 304 stainless steel internals for a much longer life than the stock exhaust system..Finished with a brushed aluminium outer sleeve and powder coated brackets they give a real quality finish when installed. Designed to be a balance between optimum power and low noise levels the Scoot4 systems are an excellent sports pipe choice for road use.

SYM Jet 4 125cc 4T - AD/TSLS28 - £195.00

SYM Symply 125 4T Exhaust System

The all new Tecnigas 4Scoot system is now in stock for SYM Symply 125cc 4T scooters. Providing the balance of a healthy power increase whilst keeping noise levels similar to that of the standard exhaust. Manufactured with ANSI 304 stainless steel internals wrapped with a brushed 6063 aluminium sleeve. The quality and finish looks great and each system is supplied with powder coated brackets and all necessary fittings.

AD/TSLS27 - £195.00

Polini Scooter Team 3 exhaust system for Aprilia Scarabeo 50

The latest Team 3 system to come out of Polini's R & D department is suitable for Aprilia Scarabeo 50cc Piaggio engined scooters. Developed with their extensive knowledge of on track racing it has technical features inspired from the top of the range Big Evolution system. The black laser engraved silencer gives an aggressive look whilst the specific size and shape of the expansion chamber increases engine performance right through the RPM range on stock 50cc and cast iron 70cc cylinder kits. Made from P04 steel shells designed to with stand vibrations which are joined via a neat TIG welding process giving great mechanical strength and reliability too.


Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Tecnigas Maxi V Exhaust System for Kymco Agility 125

The Tecnigas Maxi V exhaust system has now replaced the Silent Pro for the Kymco Agility 125cc 4T models. Designed to improve engine performance whilst remaining quiet and original in appearance. The design and aesthetics of the new Maxi V are a vast improvement over the Silent Pro giving a more quality look.



Tun'R Conic Motorcycle & Scooter Grips

Tun'R Conic grips are the latest design to hit the market. By keeping things simple they are extremely comfy with the typical moto x inspired design and feel. To make them stand out from others each grip has coloured strips which are of course available in different colours.

Orange / black - AD/482893
Blue / blue - AD/482891
Black / white - AD/482892
Green / black - AD/482894
Translucent / black - AD/482895
Red / black - AD/482896

All £7.20

YBN 420 Coloured Motorcycle & Moped Chains

Available in 5 different colours each chain is ISO-9001 certified and suitable for use on standard or tuned moped engines. These heavy duty 420 chains have 134 links and are supplied complete with a split link.

Green - AD/482971 
White - AD/482972
Blue - AD/482973
Yellow - AD/482975
Red - AD/482974

Monday, 29 April 2013

Athena Racing 50cc Cylinder Kit with Power Valve for Derbi D50B0 Engines

The latest part to come out of the R&D department over at Athena is this Racing 50cc cylinder kit which features the same power valve system currently used on their AM6 70cc kits. Suitable for all Derbi D50B0 engines this Racing 50cc barrel carries the usual Athena traits with having a perfectly finished aluminium Nicasil plated barrel and a surface treated piston guaranteed to give excellent performance in all conditions.

The power valve is controlled by exhaust gas pressure and is supplied with different strength springs allowing you to control when the power valve opens. This allows for a good setup on many exhaust systems giving great power right through the rev range thanks to the varying exhaust port duration. So you get all the benefits of this high end racing cylinder at a high RPM whilst improving power at low RPM's too. This gives a smooth flowing ride allowing faster lap times thanks to the added power and torque at low - mid RPM. Supplied with all components needed to fit to bikes using D50B0 engines, like Derbi Senda, Aprilia RS 50 etc

AD/P4004105100008 - RRP £404.40

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Polini Evolution CDI Units

The new Evolution CDI units from Polini are a very technically advanced product when compared to any others on the market. They work with the support of your battery however the power consumption is only 0.7Ah. They eliminate the energy loss that is generated by your flywheel meaning that more of the engines output can be transferred to your rear wheel. This means that rear wheel power is increased even if engine output is not therefore more acceleration and speed is gained. Each kit includes a connection cable and disc which allows you to connect the CDI to the computer and digitally program it if you wish. There are three kits so far as shown below. The universal kit does not include a pick up or pick up support however can be installed to any engine that has a flywheel and pick up.

Minarelli - 171.0547 - £ TBC
Piaggio - 171.0546 - SRP £471.90
Universal - 171.0548 - SRP £ TBC

Polini CP Carburettors

The recently released Polini CP carburettors are now available with 90° cable guides and also adaptors to suit original air box systems. This allows for the carb to be fitted with none or little modification to 50 / 70cc models and makes for a crisp setup using the original air box. Available in 15mm and 17.5mm in this form which are aimed more towards 50cc models.

15mm - 201.1502 - SRP £78.80
17.5mm - 201.1702 - SRP £79.85

Polini have also announced their first "Evolution" CP 19mm carburettor specifically developed for racing engines that operate between 12000 and 15000 RPM. This carburettor has a different intake pipe and a manifold union of 28mm allowing for the use of a proper performance inlet manifold and further enhancing fuel flow. The carburettor is the result of extraordinary team work between Polini's technical staff and racing teams. The end result is a reliable carburettor that gives great performance and use ability at every throttle position, not just wide open throttle. Supplied with a filter union adaptor which fits perfectly to the new Evolution air filter too.

19mm CP Evolution Carb - 201.1903 - SRP £112.23
Evolution ari filter - 203.0164 - SRP £29.85
Manifold for Zip models - 215.0438 - SRP £46.33

New Limited Edition Polini Big Evolution Exhaust Systems

The latest Big Evolution 70cc exhaust system to be released from Polini exploits even more performance and power from Piaggio engines. Designed specifically for use with Big Evolution 70cc cylinder kits making for a perfect fitment with the three holed manifold stub. The limited edition features a turned manifold pipe, this creates a venturi effect improving gas scavenging which in turn increase power output right up to 14000 RPM. The expansion chamber is hand made from 17 separate pieces making for a real visually pleasing look and the stinger pipe can be disassembled allowing you to insert different sized nozzles changing the power at different engine revolutions. Last but not least the silencer is also a new design with a larger outside diameter which Polini claim has also improved power output.

200.0231 - RRP £TBC

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pedmoto Series 1 Scooter Exhaust £99.00

Price review for the Pedmoto Series 1 gets the thumbs up from us so a fixed RRP of just £99 could be on the cards if all goes well.

With the sales success of the Series 1 scooter exhaust range from Pedmoto a new pricing structure is being trialled all of Spring so from today until the 21st of June 2013. Production quantities have been stepped up which will assist in getting the price to that magical sub £100 RRP so fingers crossed we will be able to keep it.

PMS1860 Piaggio based 2t engines; SR 50 R, NRG Power
PMS1805 Minarelli Horizontal engines; Aerox, Jog R, F12
PMS1853 Peugeot horizontal engines; Ludix, Speedfight 3

Scooter Exhaust Shootout

Monday, 11 March 2013

Honda CBR 125 R Chain & Sprockets Now in Stock

The Honda CBR 125 R is one of the most popular learner legal sports bikes on the market. With numerous requests for a quality replacement chain and sprocket set we decided to take action. Now in stock are front and rear JT sprockets in the standard 15 / 42 sizes and a heavy duty DID 428 roller chain. Each item is sold individually and can be used with existing standard components or purchased all together as a set. Don't forget having a good chain at the correct tension can mean more power transferred to the rear wheel!

DID 428 chain - AD/DID428H124 - £26.68

JT 15T front sprocket - AD/26415 - £6.05

JT 42T rear sprocket - AD/120642 - £11.25

Leo Vince Gran Turismo Exhaust Systems

The Gran Turismo range of exhaust systems from Leo Vince are an evolution of the ever popular 4Road exhaust system. Aimed at 4 stroke sports & commuter scooters they have a modern yet subtle design making them look great on almost any scooter. Made completely from Stainless steel to give an extremely long life when compared to most stock systems.

In our latest delivery from Leo Vince was the arrival of some full titanium Evo II SBK systems for Honda Silver Wing 400 & 600 ie models. The Evo II system is as good as it gets with technology and design inspired from WSB and MotoGP. The titanium silencer features a 100% real carbon fibre tail cap and bracket making it extremely light. A decibel killer is also included for anyone who wants to keep things quiet but have the added superior quality and weight reduction etc.

Gran Turismo for UH Burgman 125 / 150 - AD/3227 - £230.00

SBK Evo II Titanium for Silver Wing 400 / 600 ie - AD/8231 - £600.00

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Derbi Senda, Aprilia SX PedMoto SG 1 Exhaust

PedMoto SG 1 Exhaust

The Derbi Senda DRD, Xtreme, Xrace, Aprilia SX 50 mopeds have been the first to have access to the new SG 1 range from PedMoto, hopefully this is the first of many SG 1 exhausts model applications from the brand. With a low RRP of only £129.95 and big performance "approx 10 hp" on a stock 50cc this has to be a winner.

Everything is included to fit apart from a jet which we found good AFR on a .96 - .97 providing the stock 50cc cylinder and 17.5mm carburettor are being used.

Peugeot Speedfight 3 PedMoto Series 1 Exhaust System

One of the latest scooter systems in the Series 1 range from PedMoto has a pretty innovative design making it suitable for both air and liquid cooled Peugeot horizontal engined scooters, like the Speedfight 3 and Ludix models. This is all down to the swivel manifold stub which makes fitment simple and easy on both models. It carries the usual Series 1 traits with the rubber silent block connecting the bracket to the expansion helping to minimise vibration and increase the life of the exhaust. Another big bonus on this system is it the ground clearance making fast riding possible without any danger of contact with the road. Each system is supplied with everything needed to fit including a set of variator rollers.

Best performance on stock 50cc scooters can be found as follows: 64 main jet and overall weight of 33grams in the variator, operating between 9000 - 9300 rpm. This can vary from one scooter to another but should get you very close to it's optimum.

PMS1853 - £115.999

Stickyparts S-Line Scooter Drive Belts

Standard replacement drive belts can be found at most scooter shops however the quality is often compromised once the price gets low. Stickyparts S-Line belts are sourced direct from the manufacturer in order to offer you an OE level of quality found in most original drive belts but without the often hefty price tag. The fibre composite gives great wear making for a strong reliable belt that lasts. Suitable for many scooters like Gilera Runner 125, Yamaha Aerox, Piaggio Zip, Peugeot Speedfight etc just to name a few. The twist with each of the Stickyparts belts are that the dimensions have been changed marginally to offer improvements in performance, these subtle changes have been made in either overall length, width or pitch dependent on the engine type the belt refers to.

Habana Custom 125 etc – STP906 - £9.80
Speedfight, Ludix etc – STP899 - £9.80
Aerox, Nitro etc – STP898 - £9.80
DNA, Liberty etc – STP904 - £9.80
Runner FX SP 125 etc – STP907 - £14.80
Chinese import 12” wheels – STP903 - £9.80
Chinese import 10” wheels – STP902 - £9.80
Runner, SR50R etc – STP909 - £9.80
Katana, Habana etc – STP901 - £9.80
SYM Jet 50 etc – STP900 - £9.80
Runner VX 125, Vespa ET4 etc – STP908 - £14.80

Road & Sport Scooter Brake Disc Pads

Being able to stop in all weather conditions should be one of the main priorities of any motorist. These Stickyparts sport brake disc pads offer excellent stopping power all year round thanks to the semi metallic compound. By dispersing heat away from the rotor they also make for a much more durable pad. Suitable for many scooters and mopeds like Yamaha Aerox, Derbi Senda, Yamaha Jog R etc with a price of £6.50 per pair.

STP895 - EBC equivalent FA115
STP897 - EBC equivalent FA268
STP896 - EBC equivalent FA193

Adrenalin-Pedstop Loyalty Scheme, Earn ££££'s

Why Loyalty Points and How does it work?

Well it’s simple really; we are giving away points as a way of saying thank you to customers who come back to us for all of their parts time after time.

When you place an order providing the parts you are purchasing are included in the scheme you will earn points worth a particular value, for example product A earns 10 points with each point having a value of 10 pence; you earn £1.00 which you could use against your next buy or save up to purchase something special.

Points can only be earned if you are a registered member. 
Points have no expiry date and can be used in conjunction with any order against any product. 
Points once earned will not change value if a particular promotion expires or is amended; they are safe within your account and can be tracked easily. 
Points can only be redeemed when placing an order through our website www.adrenalin-pedstop.com. 
If for any reason a product is returned then points used will be refunded back to your tally whilst the points earned against the returned product will be removed.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sym Jet 4 50cc Exhaust System from Tecnigas

We have had our fingers crossed for some time now that one of the manufacturers would make an exhaust system for the 4 stroke SYM scooter's "Jet 4 and Symphony 50" thanks to Tecnigas now we have them.

The new range called Proma look really neat and although its early days they seem to work really well also.
Each system sports a nickel plated finish and a separate steel collector pip.

We have also received the Proma GP4 exhaust that is suitable for the Beeline's, Peugeot V-clic, Sukida Speedy, Kymco Agility etc.

AD/TSLG87 - £94.90 - Chinese 4T 50cc engines, V-Clic, Agility etc
AD/TSLG94 - £94.90 - Sym Jet4 50, Sym Symphony 4 stroke

Monday, 4 February 2013

Scooter and Moped Carbs, 21mm, 19mm, 17.5mm

New sport carburettor kits are in stock with metal float bowls and an unbeatable RRP.

We all know carbs are an essential part of the tick, tock of most engines and this is why price and quality are so important, thanks to the new Stickyparts line up everything is covered with quality being king.

The new carburettor range covers the popular Minarelli and Piaggio scooters along with short bodied carbs for Derbi Senda models, original type fixtures for Speedfight 50 and the universal 21mm and 19mm PHBG types.

STP862 - 21mm universal PHBG type £46.70
STP863 - 19mm universal PHBG type £46.00
STP858 - 17.5mm Senda, GPR, PHVA type £45.90
STP857 - 17.5mm Piaggio PHVA type £40.00
STP861 - Peugeot 50cc OE type £39.95
STP859-C 17.5mm Minarelli - Auto choke £39.00
STP860 - 17.5mm Minarelli - Manual choke £35.00

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Rieju MRT 50 Pro Exhaust from Tecnigas

This new system from Tecnigas is a more than welcome addition to the ENOX range giving the Reiju MRT 50 and MRT Pro 50 some new legs when it comes to performance gains.

This particular system is made from stainless steel making it an ideal candidate for the UK's weather conditions. RRP £151.29 - TSLEN08