Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Order now for delivery before Christmas

Great News – we’re here for an extra day... Orders up to 5pm today will be dispatched for you on a next day delivery, a last chance to get those bits that you really want for Christmas...

Order online or call us direct on 01226 630020.

This is definitely your last opportunity this year, after today (21/12/2010) we will re-open on 4/01/2011.

Have a great Christmas!

Monday, 20 December 2010

Scooter Parts from Top Racing

An abundance of new products have arrived from Top Racing with a great application list including some of the weird ones and the more common or popular scooter guises.

Pre-pressed gears and high-end crankshafts are their speciality and recognition should be given to Top Racing due to the fact that they make products for companies like Stage6, Motoforce, Artek, Doppler and loads more.

Well we're glad we stock their products and so should you if you're looking for an excellent deal without a reduction in quality. Make some comparisons and you'll see those familiar products with an awesome price and Top Racing’s own twist on things making each component even stronger and more durable.

Top Racing Evolution High Tec crankshafts are stronger than strong, perfectly balanced making use of high grade INA bearings in a high tensile steel heat treated mass with a super strong connecting rod - how thick!

Top Racing Evolution NG crankshafts - another race orientated crankshaft making use of heat treated high tensile full mass and high quality bearings.

Pre-pressed gears! If you're looking for an easy time (and possibly a greater saving even on your mechanic's bill) and good ratios giving generous performance increases, then pre-pressed gears will help. Top Racing’s gears have been blessed with an awesome price because of the production systems they have in place and are supplied pre-pressed just like the Stage6 products. In most cases this means you only need to remove the old gears and replace them with the new, just using your fingers, no pressing, dead simple.

The list of products goes on, take a look: Top Racing

Sunday, 19 December 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 12: Pipercross MPX Air Filters

It's the final day of our 12 Days of Christmas campaign. We hope we've been able to offer something of interest to all of you. Our last offer is on Pipercross MPX air filters. Pipercross MPX air filters are made in England, they're made from New Polymer (meaning greater durability) but the lifetime warranty says it all. Union diameters range from 28mm to 65mm making them suitable for a wide range of scooters. Take a look at our full Pipercross product range here.

RRP: £16.85
NOW £14.55!

To receive this product in time for Christmas, make sure place an order before our last dispatch date which is 20 December. This special offer lasts until early January 2011.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 11: KMC Gold Series Motorcycle Chain

We'd like to think we've offered something for everyone in our 12 Days of Christmas campaign, so our next deal is on this KMC ISO 9001 Certified Gold Series motorcycle chain. This is one of the best selling 420 spec chains that we do and now we've slashed the price, it's now down to just £17.75 (RRP £31.42). Full fitment list on our product page.

RRP: £31.42
NOW £17.75!

To receive this product in time for Christmas, make sure you place an order before our last dispatch date which is 20 December. The price reduction on this product is available until early January 2011.

Friday, 17 December 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 10: Malossi Power Camshaft

Big performance gains and big savings are the order of the day with the Malossi Power Cam. Designed on CAD systems and built using ultra high precision machinery down to a tenth of a micron, Malossi Power camshafts are a true mechanical jewel for 4T leader engines. The Malossi camshaft has been designed and constructed to give your scooter a markedly sporting feel enabling you to easily manoeuvre through town traffic and tackle long distances at high cruising speeds. The considerable increase in torque will also boost your acceleration and climbing power in a big way. Get a big saving too off the recommended retail price, the Malossi Power Cam is now available for £145 until early January.

For a full fitment list, check out our product page.

RRP: £210.13
NOW £145!

To receive this product in time for Christmas, make sure you place an order before our last dispatch date which is 20 December. The price reduction on this product is available until early January 2011.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 9: TNT Flaming Sticker Kit

Welcome to Day 9 of our 12 Days of Christmas promotion. Our next offer is a cool sticker kit from those masters of styling - TNT. The appearance of any ped can be transformed with this striking white flame design, these are high quality water resistant stickers and each kit comprises of 11 stickers in total. Best of all is the price, nearly 50% off the original RRP.

RRP: £35.50
NOW £18.00!

To receive this product in time for Christmas, make sure you place an order before our last dispatch date which is 20 December. The price reduction on this product is available until early January 2011.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 8: Opticparts Soundboard (Aerox/Nitro)

Yamaha Aerox and MBK Nitro owners will be pleased to know that they can now take advantage of the Opticparts soundboard deal we listed yesterday. This one is available at the same price and offers the same specification: 2 x 70W RMS speakers (2 way coaxial system), 2 x 150W two channel output, blue LEDs surrounding each speaker and superb sound quality. All the cables you need are included. Full product details can be found here.

RRP: £107.28
NOW £69.99!

To receive this product in time for Christmas, make sure you order before our last dispatch date which is 20 December. The price reduction on this product will last until early January 2011.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 7: Opticparts Soundboard (NRG/Typhoon/SR)

If you're thinking about investing in a soundboard then this is definitely the best of the bunch. With a leather look covering and brushed steel handles along with a perfect fit, this one is difficult to beat. Couple this with blue LEDs inserted around each 70W RMS speaker and unbelievable sound quality (2 x 150W two channel output), for such a compact unit you'll be amazed. Not only that you'll be delighted to know that we've reduced the price to just £69.99 as part of our 12 Days of Christmas promotion.

RRP: £107.28
NOW £69.99!

Each unit is ready to fit with a simple plus and minus connection direct to the battery, once this is done plug in your mp3 player, iPod or discman and impress your friends. The six LEDs that surround both speakers can be switched on constant as a lighting source or can flash in unison with any mental tunes you wanna play. This particular model is suitable for the Piaggio NRG, Typhoon and Aprilia SR.

For more info, pics and a full fitment list take a look at our product page.

To receive this product in time for Christmas, make sure you place an order before our last dispatch date which is 20 December. This special offer is available until early January 2011.

Monday, 13 December 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 6: Aerox / Nitro Chrome Fuel Cap

Welcome to Day 6 of our 12 Days of Christmas campaign. Yamaha Aerox and MBK Nitro owners add some bling to your scoot with this cool chrome fuel cap. This is a direct replacement for the original fuel cap except this one looks loads better with its chrome finish. It also comes complete with two sets of keys.

RRP: £16.34
NOW £13.75!

To receive this product in time for Christmas, make sure you place an order before our last dispatch date which is 20 December. The price reduction on this product is available until early January 2011.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 5: MOTUL Motocool Expert Coolant

Grab a bargain bottle or two of coolant in Day 5 of our 12 Days of Christmas promotion. This ready to use coolant has been developed for all types of scooter and motorcycle engine regardless of capacity or level of tune. Motocool guarantees the best heat transfer for improved engine performance along with providing the best solution against freezing.

RRP £7.25
NOW £4.99!

To receive this product in time for Christmas, make sure you order before our last dispatch date which is 20 December. The price reduction on this product will last until early January 2011.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 4: Chrome K&N style air filter

This neat little K&N style air filter is small, compact and comes with a detachable 90° connection. The filter is also supplied with a reducer which takes the union diameter down from 34mm to 28mm. A change of jetting is always advisable when fitting this kind of air filter to avoid damaging the engine.

RRP £9.96
NOW £7.70!

To get this product in time for Christmas, make sure you order before our last dispatch date which is 20 December. The price reduction on this product will last until early January 2011.

Friday, 10 December 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 3: Peugeot Speedfight 2 Evo body kit

Welcome to Day 3 of our 12 Days of Christmas promotion. Next up we have something for Peugeot Speedfight 2 owners and it's this excellent 13 piece Evo body kit in carbon effect:

WAS £290 (RRP £365)
NOW £235!

To get this product in time for Christmas, make sure you order before our last dispatch date which is 20 December. The price reduction on this product will last until early January 2011.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

A visual tour of Adrenalin Pedstop

If you haven't visited our new shop yet then let us take you on a tour:

If you have visited us before, don't worry we haven't moved, we're still at the same location:

Unit 1 Longfields Court, Middlewoods Way, Carlton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. S71 3HR

If you haven't visited us before then you're more than welcome to do so. Tap the above postcode into your Sat Nav and you'll be able to find us.

Adrenalin Money! Gift Vouchers - the perfect gift!

If your mum and dad are stuck for gift ideas, then tell them about this - Adrenalin Gift Vouchers. They're available in units of £10 and they can be used like real money to buy products over the counter from our shop or redeemed by sending the voucher to us by post. Please note that the vouchers have a time limit as they expire on 31 January 2011.

Adrenalin Gift Vouchers - we think they make the ideal Christmas present! Besides, what else would you want to spend your money on?!

Terms & Conditions
  • Adrenalin Vouchers can only be redeemed through Adrenalin Scooter Performance Parts Ltd. Vouchers are valid until 31st of January 2011.
  • Adrenalin Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount, offer, scheme or promotion and cannot be exchanged in whole or part for cash.
  • Vouchers are non-transferable, single use only and must be surrended to Adrenalin Scooter Performance Parts Ltd to receive the £10 off an order.
  • Where relevant, no change will be given should your order be less than £10 - Adrenalin Vouchers are not redeemable against delivery charges.
  • These terms do not affect your statutory rights - for further information please contact Adrenalin on 01226 630020.

12 Days of Christmas - Day 2: CPH Tuning Boost Bottle

Next up in our 12 Days of Christmas campaign is this intake chamber, more commonly known as a boost bottle, from CPH Tuning now available at a reduced price:

WAS £19.36
NOW £15!

At just 10.5cm long and 4cm wide this CPH Tuning boost bottle will fit neatly on any two wheeler and add a bit of bling too. Take a look at our product page for a full fitment list.

To receive this product in time for Christmas, make sure you place an order before our last dispatch date which is 20 December. The reduced price is available until early January 2011.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 1: Italkit 70cc Cylinder Kit

Our 12 Days of Christmas promotion begins today with a new special offer each day for the next twelve days. We've got some amazing deals in store on a wide range of products so hopefully there will be something to suit everyone.

So, on the first day of Christmas...

WAS £106 (RRP: £142)
NOW £85!

Italkit cylinders are produced by Italy's legendary Gilardoni factory and as expected they benefit from high-end manufacturing and offer great performance and reliability. This particular air-cooled kit for Piaggio 2T engines comprises of a one-piece head and aluminium barrel held together with a strong nikasil plating. A two-ring Vertex piston completes the kit making the most of the barrel's six port transfers and unique double bridged exhaust port.

To get the best from this kit we would recommend a larger carburettor, if this isn't an option at first then don't worry, strong results are achievable with an increase in jetting and exhaust system change from the likes of Yasuni or Doppler.

For a full fitment list, click here.

To receive this product in time for Christmas, make sure you order before our last dispatch date which is 20 December. The price reduction on this product is available until early January 2011.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Adrenalin Pedstop slogan competition winners!

Last week we asked you to come up with a memorable catchphrase, tag line or slogan relating to Adrenalin Pedstop. Well, a number of slogans were posted on our Facebook page. Choosing a winner wasn't easy, what we were looking for was something that could be used in print, in adverts and so on. Each of us here at Adrenalin HQ had our own favourite, unfortunately there can only be one winner. And the winner is...

Geoffrey Lewis with "Scooter tuning for the masses". Geoffrey wins a selection of scooter products worth over £55. Congratulations!

We also have a couple of runner up prizes comprising of Adrenalin Pedstop t-shirts and stickers going out to: Ben Nelson for his slogan "Feel the rush... the Adrenaline rush" and Liam Rossirox Eggleston with "Adrenalin Pedstop - Making dreams come true since 2004".

Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter!

Adrenalin Pedstop 12 Days of Christmas

It's the festive season so in the spirit of things we've decided to offer a special discount on twelve different products for the next twelve days. The promotion will begin tomorrow and will run until our last dispatch date before Christmas which is 20 December. And to give you a bit more time to take advantage of these special offers the reduced prices will be held until early January 2011.

Monday, 6 December 2010

FREE YASUNI Adrenaline Exhaust t-shirts

Get one of these official YASUNI t-shirts emblazoned with the 'Adrenaline Exhaust' slogan FREE with any YASUNI exhaust. That's right, order any YASUNI exhaust and get a free tee!

Note that we have a limited supply of these t-shirts available so, available while stocks last!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Adrenalin Pedstop - Official UK distributor of ATHENA scooter and moped parts

Adrenalin Pedstop is proud to announce that we’ve been appointed the official UK distributor for all ATHENA scooter and moped parts. This means the best stock levels in the UK on drive belts, CDI units and their massive range of gasket sets for every scooter imaginable. Another bonus of course is that ATHENA big bore cylinder kits will be on the shelf, they offer great performance with a usable power delivery for racing about the streets and track. We expect ATHENA’s full range of scooter and moped performance parts to be in stock early 2011.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Competition time... Win a bundle of tuning goodies for your scoot

The above selection of scooter products worth over £55 could be yours. All you have to do is come up with a memorable catchphrase, tag line or slogan which could be about Adrenalin Pedstop, scooter tuning, it could be witty or slightly rebellious. Whatever you come up with it has to be scooter related. You can enter as many times as you want. The winning catchphrase will be the one that we think would be the most memorable. We may even use it in our adverts and possibly turn it into a sticker. So fame and this stash of goodies could be yours. The closing date of the competition is Monday 06 December 2010, so get your thinking caps on and start submitting your ideas on our Facebook page. And while we’re feeling generous we’ve thrown in a few runner up prizes too.

Prize (to fit your choice of scooter) includes: Polini rollers, Polini/Athena/Dynaflex drive belt, Scooter Power 2T oil, NGK spark plug, Polini panel air filter, Fuel filter, Gearbox oil
Runner up prizes: To be decided.

Disclaimer: All entries must be posted on our Facebook page before the closing date. The judges decision is final.

Genuine Piaggio Leader 125cc 4T cylinder and piston kits

Now in stock are these genuine Piaggio 125cc cylinder kits. They fit the ever popular Piaggio Leader 125cc 4 stroke Euro 3 engine that’s used in the majority of new Aprilia, Gilera and Piaggio scooters. If you're unlucky enough to have suffered an engine seize and require a top end rebuild, then save yourself a packet as at £141 they're almost £70 cheaper than the RRP. Genuine Piaggio parts give you reassurance and peace of mind.

Product link: AD/876605

Great savings on Leo Vince 4Road and ZX exhausts

Leo Vince 4Road exhaust systems are now down to £208.00, this is a huge saving on the RRP of £294.26!! Just to remind you that what you would be getting is a full stainless steel system with brushed aluminium silencer. This exhaust gives great performance and a sound that will please most people’s ear drums. This genuinely is one of few 4T scooter exhausts that actually increase performance so grab yourself a bargain as this offer is only available until the end of January 2011.

You may or may not know that Leo Vince ZX chrome exhaust systems have been discontinued. Well, in stock now we have the last batch of these systems to be produced, so grab one while you can as these will go quick. Just a quick run through what you could be purchasing; the Leo Vince ZX scooter exhaust system has excellent build quality and some of the best quality chroming we've seen to date. A carbon fibre silencer finishes the look off nicely and included in some applications are rollers and clutch springs. Like all Leo Vince exhausts the power is good right through the rev range so they work well on 50cc and 70cc scooters.

We've just taken delivery of:

AD/4020C for Peugeot Speedfight 3 LC, Jetforce C-Tec / TDSI and Ludxi Blaster models
AD/4571C for Speedfight 1 & 2, Buxy, Trekker, Vivacity etc.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Yasuni Z Exhausts Price Melt Down - Best Price Guaranteed

Christmas is coming and we think it's time to shake things up a little, so for all you folks looking for the perfect gift, one of quality and performance and you're in the market for a new scooter exhaust, then our Yasuni price drop will help we think.

The Yasuni Z line is homologated for the road, offers great performance and is extremely popular, now we've discounted the price with a little help from Yasuni themselves - "thank you", a good thing just got better.

Yasuni Z Aluminium silencer now £102.20
Yasuni Z Carbon silencer now £115.13
Yazuni Z Carbon Kevlar silencer now £115.13

These offer prices are on current stock only so get one whilst you can: Yasuni Z's

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Video - PED TV: Whilton Mill track day

Last Sunday Chris and Sam took the Zips out for a spot of racing to a track day at Whilton Mill in Northamptonshire. Conditions were rather wet, it being November and all, so some tyre swapping was involved to make riding a little less precarious particularly for Sam this being his first time out on the track. After Chris's off at Rowrah back in August he found himself in a similar scenario when the scoot went down, on video the action almost looks like a carbon copy of his crash in Cumbria. Sam appeared to be getting in the swing of it once his pre-race nerves calmed down although he did go off-piste at one point and onto the grass! A cold but enjoyable day's racing. Here's the video:

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Video - PED TV: EICMA Show, Milan 2010

Now up on YouTube - video footage from our recent trip to this year's EICMA show in Milan which took place earlier this month. This year's exhibitors included most of the major brands showcasing their latest products (take a closer look in our gallery on Flickr). Watch the video in HD for best effect:

Don't forget you can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel: PED TV, be a part of it.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Stage6 sub-frame kit / Stage6 air filters

Stage6 sub-frames for Yamaha Aerox / MBK Nitro are now in stock. Fitting this part allows you to bring the carb up over the back wheel for better optics and performance. If you own either of the above scooters you'll know the cramped conditions your carburettor and filter suffer day in day out. With the Stage6 sub frame this can be thing of the past. It also allows the swing arm to move slightly to aid handling on the track.

Stage6 sub-frame product code and link: AD/S6-9916605

Stage6 sponge filters look great with their bright colours and Euro design. Offering excellent filtering performance due to two layers of foam with different porosities, each filter comes with different sized reducers so they can be fitted to pretty much any size union carburettor. Perfect for Aerox owners who have just purchased the above sub frame kit, combine one of these filters with a Piaggio straight inlet manifold and the results are you have one very trick looking ped with performance gains to match.

Red: AD/S6-35035RO
Black: AD/S6-3503BK
Blue: AD/S6-3503BL

Friday, 12 November 2010

Genuine Piaggio parts

Great news for all you racers out there! We now stock the original Piaggio Zip air cooled and liquid cooled engine casings. What you get is pretty much a blank canvas which is perfect for building up an engine fit for the track. You can choose to port your fresh new casings for optimum performance or simply bolt a selection of parts straight on and drop it in the scoot. Make a great saving on Piaggio liquid cooled casings at only £205, the retail is supposed to be £436. Whether you’re a racer wanting to lead the pack in next year’s BSSO series or simply looking for replacement casings then be sure to check these out.

Air cooled casing: AD/8264255
Liquid cooled casing: AD/CM1273035

Also currently available are a wider selection of new genuine Piaggio scooter parts - silent blocks, spring clips for body panels, brake cables, gasket sets, the list can go on and on. Yes it’s all those niggly bits that you can never source without ordering from Italy and waiting weeks on end for them to never arrive, but not to worry as here at Adrenalin we're all about making your life easier.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Video - PED TV: INTERMOT, Cologne 2010

PED TV in Germany... Now you can watch the highlights from our recent trip to this year's INTERMOT show in Cologne. It was a great show - cool custom scoots and some great stunting talent and riding skills in the outdoor events. Sit back and watch our vid in HD.

Polyccio 44 - New Limited Edition exhaust from Yasuni

A new limited edition scooter exhaust from Yasuni has arrived. The 'Polyccio 44' exhaust is basically a Yasuni Z with a black laser engraved silencer. 'Polyccio 44' represents and honours Yasuni's GP 125 rider Pol Espargaro who is currently fighting for the world championship with only two races left to finish. The silencer on its own is also available which can be fitted to any Z system. Only 500 of these systems are available so get yours while stocks last!

Product codes and links as follows:

Minarelli Vertical: AD/TUB360P
Piaggio engines: AD/TUB418P
Franco Morini engine: AD/TUB709P
Minarelli Horizontal: AD/TUB901P
Peugeot: AD/TUB1001P
Silencer: AD/SILPOL

EICMA 2010 show pics

This time last week some us from Pedstop HQ were still at the EICMA show in Milan. It was a good show with plenty to see from most of the major brands. You can relive what we saw by watching the slideshow or by clicking on the link below to go directly to our photo set on Flickr:

We've still got many more pics to upload so keep your eyes peeled for those plus a video which is due to go online soon.

Polini Big Evolution air filter

Polini’s new Big Evolution air filter has been specially designed to be used in conjunction with other Big Evo parts like the 94cc cylinder kits, exhaust and long stroke cranks, so you know it’s all about the best possible performance and quality intended for the track. Good news is that the Big Evolution air filter comes with a handful of different sized reducers so it will fit almost every carburettor. We think it’s perfect for all you scooter tuners out there who want the best parts available.

Product code and link: AD/203.0147

Monday, 8 November 2010

FREE YASUNI Utility Knife!

As an official UK importer of Yasuni products we're able to bring to you the following fantastic offer: The next 19 customers to order a Yasuni exhaust from us will each receive a free Yasuni utility knife worth £17.50. You never know when you might need a utility knife so if you want one, get your skates on while stocks last! Take a look at our Yasuni products here.

Friday, 5 November 2010

EICMA 2010

Globe trotters from Pedstop HQ have been in Italy over the last few days clocking up some miles at the Fiera Milano complex in Milan whilst on the hunt for new stuff at this year's EICMA International Motorcycle show. We should have taken pedometers, the place is that big - 420 exhibitors and 500 brands spread out over six massive halls. There was plenty of eye candy, some new models and we don't just mean the ladies!

Given that the INTERMOT show had already taken place in Germany a few weeks back we'd already seen some of the new stuff we saw at EICMA. However there were still a few surprises in store from the big brands. Honda's distinctly Silver Wing-esque 'New Mid Concept' looked pretty slick. Engine details haven't been released as yet but Honda did announce that the New Mid Concept is equipped with dual clutch transmission instead of the usual CVT fare found on most scooters.

What appeared to be an exercise in style, the fluid forms of the X-2012 hybrid concept from Garelli got a lot of interest from the punters, shame it isn't actually mobile though:

At first glance we thought this was a Piaggio MP3. It's made by Quadro Tecnologie in Italy and it's called the Quadro 3D and features an innovative patented hydraulic tilting system along with a four-stroke 350cc engine.

Speaking of Piaggio, we rather liked the three-seat four wheeler NT3 concept that was unveiled at EICMA. Don't build your hopes up though, a Piaggio rep at the show told us it won't be available in Europe but will go on sale in Southeast Asia. Shame really we'd already pondered the idea of tuning one of these 300cc babies:

Keep an eye on our blog and our Flickr account for more eye candy from the show plus a report on PETROL mag soon.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Video - Project Zip: BSSO Round 7 - Three Sisters

Our Project Zip saga came to a close in the final showdown in this year's BSSO series which took place at Three Sisters earlier this month. Josh's crash in the previous round at Cadwell Park meant that he had to start at the back of the grid. Despite this he managed to work his way through the field overtaking the opposition including the likes of the big cc classic scooter riders in true David and Goliath style. Josh finished first in his class but judging by the way he raced finishing first overall was the only thing on his mind. Zack Tingle also put in a good performance but he's had some bad luck this year, a crash in lap four took away his chance of finishing the race.

After the early morning mist disappeared and the racing got underway it was frantic action from the start with riders putting in their best performance in order to claim those championship points and for some, victory in the 2010 series:

The final race of the BSSO 2010 series was the icing on the cake. The Three Sisters circuit had its fair share of racing talent but the power of Polini was on our side and Josh managed to claim victory with a superb first place win. Josh was closely followed by Young Gun Joe Ravenscroft who appeared to pull some serious racing skills out of the bag towards the end of the series. Meanwhile, DNF's seem to have been the theme of the year for Pedstop rider Zack Tingle who, unless we're mistaken, has yet to finish a race! Better luck next time Zack. All in all a successful first year of racing for the Adrenalin Pedstop crew and a memorable one too.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Ramair Pod filters in stock for scooters and mopeds

Good news - stocks of the popular Ramair product line of Pod and Custom Pod moped and scooter filters are on the shelves.

After some performance and durability tests we couldn't say no to the distribution offer especially with the price we're able to retail them at:

£14.55 for the Pod filter available in 28-34mm and 40mm
£18.00 for the Custom Pod filter also available in 28-34mm and 40mm

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Video - Project Zip: BSSO Round 6 - Cadwell Park

The next installment in our Project Zip video saga is now live on YouTube - BSSO Round 6 at Cadwell Park. After numerous delays on the track, the first race was reduced to just three laps, as usual there seemed to be no stopping Josh Brown who managed to blitz the opposition and secure a first place win with a massive ten second lead. Sit back and watch Josh annihilate the opposition:

The second race on day one at Cadwell involved a close battle between Josh and Keith Terry (number 11) who rides a 172cc Gilera Runner. Despite the power difference Josh maintained enough speed throughout the race but the Zip sounded ill especially towards the end when it became apparent to the spectators that something was wrong. Josh still managed to come first in his class and second overall in the autos. Some spanner work was now needed to rectify the Zip before the start of day two.

On day two torrential rain and a fuel spill made for nightmare racing conditions which led to a number of riders hurtling along the track in the wet including Josh who raced fearlessly despite the lashing rain. Unfortunately the Zip couldn't take it and lost stability in the second lap. Keep your eyes peeled until end of the video where it looks like Josh went down for a spot of breakdancing.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Pedstop BSSO 2010 Championship Winners

We're delighted to announce that the Pedstop Race Team have emerged victorious in this year's BSSO scooter championship. What started out with us playing around with a Piaggio Zip quickly saw us getting into racing and on a tour of circuits throughout the country. By and large it's thanks to Polini that this was made possible when they donated one of their Big Evolution engines for us to test, not forgetting of course 16 year old Josh Brown who went from strength to strength with his formidable riding skills out there on the track despite all the obstacles. It's great to know that with our feedback and testing we've also been able to assist Polini in their developments along the way.

In Round 6 at Cadwell there seemed to be no stopping Josh who managed to blitz the opposition and secure a first place win with a massive ten second lead in the first race, this was followed by another win in race two. And despite starting at the back of the grid in the final round at Three Sisters, Josh managed to work his way through the field and go on to win this year's BSSO Championship. Dominating the track looked easy in the final race despite some close competition all the way to the end. You can read all about the final round here. If you missed out on any of our Project Zip installments, articles and videos covering the season's racing can be found here on the PETROL Scooter Magazine website.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Last week Pedstop scouts were dispatched to Germany to the INTERMOT show which takes place in Cologne every two years. Some fine accordion playing was witnessed in the streets and much bratwurst was consumed (apparently the white sausage comes highly recommended). As expected there was plenty to see at the show including some cool custom scooters on display, some new scooter models (a lot of electric scoots), stunting and sprinting galore. Suffice to say many photos were taken and some video. A show report will go live on PETROL soon, in the meantime you can take a look at our photos from the show on Flickr. The first batch of pics have already been uploaded, there's plenty more to come so keep your eyes peeled.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Project Zip: Cadwell Results

It's been a busy week here at Adrenalin HQ with little time to spare to tell you all about how last weekend's racing went at Cadwell Park. So how did it go? Well after fairly lengthy delays on the track in the first race on day one Josh Brown managed to secure a first place win with a massive ten second lead. Due to a number of delays on the track with riders waiting for a prolonged length of time at the start line, the race was reduced to just three laps. At one point in the race Josh was that much in front he looked behind him no doubt wondering if the race had been stopped as there were no other riders to be seen. It was business as usual for Josh in the second race too with another win. Racing on the full circuit (2.173 miles) Josh mustered up some quick lap times, with 2:00.61 being his best lap time at Cadwell on day one.

Even though he won, Josh's Zip glided over the finish line at the end of race two, the Zip blew an O-ring and upon closer inspection the cylinder head was damaged which led to an engine swap to ensure that things went smoothly before racing commenced on day two. In contrast to Saturday's racing which was mostly bright and sunny, the track at Cadwell was very wet and slippery on day two which led to a number of riders coming off including Josh. With riders waiting in their grid positions at the start line, the first race ended up being cancelled after a fuel spill which rendered the track unsafe. This caused lengthy delays. In the second race Josh was really going for it in the wet, Josh came off and this puts him at the back of the grid in the next round.

Meanwhile, it was trials and tribulations for fellow Pedstop rider Zack Tingle who was unable to actually complete a race over the whole weekend due to technical problems. Hopefully he'll have more luck in the next round.

The 2010 BSSO series comes to a close end this weekend, the final round takes place tomorrow at Three Sisters. Some of you may recall Josh's blistering performance there back in May when he won all four races and set a new track record. We're expecting good things at Three Sisters but as we all know, anything can happen in racing. Who will win the championship?!

Yasuni Tub-350 exhaust for Yamaha XMAX

Yasuni have developed a performance pipe for the Yamaha XMAX 125 that offers greater power, more torque and is 44% lighter than the standard Yamaha XMAX exhaust. For comparison, the Yasuni Tub-350 is just over 3kg lighter than the standard pipe which weighs in at a heavyweight 7.05kg, Yasuni Tub-350: 3.90kg. Also worth noting is that this is currently the only XMAX exhaust on the market that's produced using multiple cones. Stainless steel fasteners and components have been used along with a 100% carbon cone/end cover. Noise levels have been reduced with the inclusion of a resonance chamber and labyrinth system with additional mineral fibres for greater sound retention. We're informed that the pipe sounds good while still abiding to current homologation requirements. Available some time in November, price around £250.

Merchandise: Yasuni utility knife

It's not often we plug this sort of thing on the blog but we thought you might be interested to know that supplies of this handy Yasuni branded utility knife will be with us very soon. Price: £16.95

Monday, 27 September 2010

All-new Adrenalin website now live!

Our website has had a revamp!

Sporting a fresh new look and some nifty new features, lots of thought has gone into our redesigned website to bring you a much smoother online shopping experience. The basic navigation is still pretty much the same with some familiar features left in place so hopefully it shouldn't take too much time adjusting to the new site if you're one of our regular customers. Worth a mention is that we're now offering free delivery on all orders over £50. So without further ado sit back and take a look around.