Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Polini Front Wheel Mounting Kit for Piaggio Zip

Once the 60 mph barrier is exceeded on Piaggio Zip SP models using the front SIS arm there is quite a lot of vibration from the front end. This is caused due to the needle roller bearing system within the front hub. Polini’s R & D team have come up with a clever new part designed to remove all vibrations on speeds up to 100 mph.

Polini Output Shaft for Piaggio 2T 50cc Engines

Another part aimed at those serious Piaggio Zip racers is the new output shaft designed to be used with Polini gear kits. The internal shaft is now hollow to save weight however the new case hardened material means that it is actually stronger than the original. The very end of the shaft has also been extended to make fitting of the Polini Torsen bars easier and quicker which is ideal if the weather takes a turn just before your race.

Polini Engine Mounting Swing Arm for Piaggio Zip

One of the latest products now available from the Polini factory is this new swing arm for Piaggio Zip 50cc 2T models. This new support uses two bearings instead of the original silent block design. Not only does this make the frame stiffer and improve resistance under torsion situations it also changes the geometry and length of the scooter. With the length increased by 15mm entry speed can be improved into corners as the turn in is more precise and therefore the rider is able to go in faster. You can also get back on the throttle earlier as there is less chance of the front lifting; Polini’s technicians have seen much lower lap times when using the new swinging arm.
In stock soon for Piaggio Zip models – AD/150.2121

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Airsal 153cc Cylinder Kit for Honda Dylan and Pantheon 125

Suitable for many Honda 125 and 150cc 4 stroke scooters the 153cc kit not only increases engine capacity but the forged piston is re designed to increase the compression ratio too. Acceleration and hill speeds will be increased along with a big torque gain which is ideal for carrying luggage or passengers.

AD/CYL21A - £122.40

Doppler Vortex 50cc Moped Cylinder Kits

The long awaited Doppler Vortex kits have finally arrived however only for Minarelli AM6 and Derbi D50B0 engines at the moment. It’s clear to see what all the hype was about once you have one in your hand. First of all the water jacket is huge covering more than the entire piston stroke which allows for a pretty aggressive port layout. The general quality of the cylinder head and barrel is second to none and a Vertex piston is used to complete it. With extreme cooling properties Doppler say this kit is designed for road use with low service intervals and we believe them!

Minarelli AM6 – AD/480587 - £174.00

Derbi D50B0 – AD/480588 - £174.00

Scooter Original Type Air Boxes

Teknix and Tun’R offer a complete range of original air boxes in black or white for the most popular scooters like the Yamaha Aerox or Peugeot Speedfight etc. When using the original carburettor we always recommend keeping your original air box instead of opting for an open sponge filter on a 50cc. These air boxes are perfect for just that as they replace damaged or tatty old air box units whilst keeping that all weather efficiency.

White air box for MBK Booster > 2003 etc - AD/473346 - £24.00
White air box for Peugeot Ludix 50cc models - AD/480265 - £24.00
White air box for Yamaha BWS 50 2004 > etc - AD/480263 - £24.00
Black air box for Peugeot Ludix 50cc models - AD/462540 - £22.80
Black air box for Gilera Runner 50 etc - AD/480267 - £18.75
White air box for Peugeot Trekker 50 etc - AD/480268 - £18.72
White air box for Yamaha Aerox etc - AD/480264 - £17.50
Black air box for Yamaha BWS 2004 > etc - AD/455407 - £16.55
Black air box for MBK Booster > 2003 etc - AD/375558 - £15.60
Black air box for Peugeot Speedfight 50 etc - AD/480266 - £15.60
Black air box for Yamaha Aerox etc - AD/372271 - £14.40

Scooter and Moped Fork Oil Seals

After many requests for fork seals we finally found the time and got a reasonably complete range in stock from Teknix for the majority of popular scooter and moped models on the market.

Click on the link: Fork Oil Seals to view the range. Prices from £4.55.

Doppler C4 Scooter and Moped Main Bearings & Seals

New in from Doppler are these exceptional C4 rated main bearings that are a must for any fast road or race setup. Each bearing has a polymer cage on one side to reduce friction which in turn reduces heat and allows for a longer life of the bearing. Each pack is supplied with two crankshaft oil seals too! In stock for many Piaggio, Minarelli, Derbi engines etc

Peugeot 50 / 70cc engines – AD/478936 - £25.20

Derbi EB050 / D50B0 50 / 80cc engines – AD/478942 - £28.80
Minarelli AM6 50 / 80cc engines – AD/478939 - £42.00
Piaggio 50 / 70cc engines – AD/478937 - £42.00
Minarelli 50 / 70cc engines – AD/478935 - £28.80

Polini Hi-Speed Evolution Variator Kits

Polini are well known as the market leaders when it comes to transmission components and their latest Evolution Hi-Speed kits are sure to set almost unbeatable targets for the nearest, but distant competition. The benefit of 9 rollers has proved a success on and off the race track over the last few years and now Polini have added some exciting improvements.
Under hard use variators generally increase in temperature which can make rpm drop off due to belt travel being delayed, because of this transmission becomes less efficient. Thanks to a new patented lubrication system from Polini the cannon bush is constantly greased which not only lowers temperatures but allows for perfect variation all of the time under extreme use. The rollers have also been treated to a new coating made form a mix of nylon and aramid fibres to further reduce temperature and roller life.

Minarelli engines D .13 – AD/241.682

Minarelli engines D.16 – AD/241.683

Piaggio engines D. 14.8 – AD/241.680

Piaggio engines D . 16 – AD/241.681

Polini PWK 30mm Flat Slide Scooter / Moped Racing Carburettor –

Due to strict racing regulations in Europe many of the top tuning brands have only ever really offered smaller carburettors to suit their needs. With the Italian Polini 94cc open cup getting more and more popular Polini’s race technicians have developed a range of PWK flat slide carbs designed with HP in mind. This 30mm is the largest version which Polini have modified to make it a little easier to set up and increase performance. The intake duct is machined by Polini technicians while the float bowl size is the result of many hours testing to suit most scooter and mopeds needs. Universally fitting on many 2T and 4T scooter & moped engines.

AD/201.0169 - £72.00

NEW Polini Ceramic Scooter Transmission Components

When we first heard Polini was in the process of developing ceramic drive components we got pretty excited and now they’ve finally arrived. Complete rear pulleys and front half pulleys are available and they feature a rough ceramic coating which simply does not allow belt slip resulting in more drive out of corners and take off speed. Without belt slip it also means that temperatures are reduced allowing your transmission to work more efficiently pushing more drive to the rear wheel. Each component is also much lighter than previous products which improves engine response and further enhances 0 – 60 times.

Evolution 3 Ceramic Speed Drive for Piaggio engines – AD/244.0578 - £240.00

Evolution 3 Ceramic Fan Pulley for Piaggio engines – AD/244.0123 - £49.20

Evolution 3 Ceramic Fan Pulley for Minarelli engines – AD/244.0124 - £49.20