Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Project Zip - BSSO Round 3: Cadwell Park

Our recent trip to Cadwell had its highs and lows ranging from tech problems to a race victory and fastest lap times. Head on over to the PETROL website to get the lowdown on the weekend's racing.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Polini Big Evolution cylinder kits and exhausts

Time for a Polini update, here are the latest hottest products from Italy that any self-respecting scooter tuner should know about. First up, cylinder kits. Polini's new Big Evolution product line comprises of three cylinder kits for Piaggio liquid cooled engines - 70, 84 and now 94cc:

Polini Big Evolution 70cc Cylinder Kit

The power capabilities of this kit have been excellent and it doesn't give too much away to the likes of Malossi's 77cc kit for example, performance figures in the region of 24hp have been seen regularly on the dyno. The proof is in the pudding as they say, to see the power of this kit unleashed follow this link: Pedstop Race Team

OUR PRICE: £252.00 (inc. VAT and free delivery)

Polini Big Evolution 70cc Exhaust

Polini's latest race exhaust systems have a new manifold with three connection points which makes for a very secure connection. The differences with this exhaust straight out of the box are self-evident with a longer silencer and expansion chamber. Product code: AD/200.0286

OUR PRICE: £252.90 (inc. VAT and free delivery)

Polini Big Evolution 94cc Cylinder Kit

At last the Big Evolution 94cc kits are now in stock for Piaggio LC engines, we know that quite a few of you on our Facebook group have been waiting for this. Here's the part number you need: AD/140.0208 to go straight to the product page. Due to the size of this kit (52mm bore) you'll need to work the crankcase to accept it and the kit must be used in conjunction with the 44mm Big Evolution crankshaft (AD/210.0021). High quality bearings are also essential, we recommend the Polini Evolution type: AD/280.0042. Also worth considering is the Polini 9 roller Super Speed variator kit (AD/241.639) and an internal rotor ignition to get the best performance.

OUR PRICE: £280.88 (inc. VAT and free delivery)

Polini Big Evolution 84-94cc Exhaust

Designed specifically to suit the Big Evolution 84cc and 94cc cylinder kits you know that this race exhaust means business. Notable features include a new manifold with three connection points which makes for a very secure mounting. Differences between the range straight out of the box are again evident with the 84/94cc system benefitting from the longer silencer and expansion chamber. Product code: AD/200.0287

OUR PRICE: £252.90 (inc. VAT and free delivery)

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Malossi 172: Great kit, great price...

Offering great reliability and performance with a proven track record, the MHR 172cc cylinder kit from Malossi is a no brainer when it comes to two-stroke tuning. Well now you can buy the original favourite at the right price instead of a Taiwanese copy at the wrong price.

OUR PRICE: £219.00 (inc. VAT and free delivery)

Product code: AD/12895

Friday, 11 June 2010

New Leo Vince ZX-R exhaust

The latest news on the street is that Leo Vince have upgraded their classic ZX exhaust. The new ZX-R is the latest version and possesses the same racing looks of its predecessor. The new expansion chamber is made from a special 10/10 mm steel featuring an 'open' double chamber structure covered with deadening material. Its cones (up to a maximum of 9) are TIG hand-welded. The construction is then coated with a transparent varnish to protect the expansion chamber from the elements whilst at the same time enhancing its racing looks by leaving the welding visible. The silencer with an enlarged exit pipe looks pretty trick covered in carbon fibre and attached with an aluminium clamp. The ZX-R expansion chamber is also CE marked which means it can be used on the road: 

The ZX-R kit also comes with a set of springs and variator rollers so that the transmission can be adjusted to suit.

We're expecting delivery in around 4-6 weeks time.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Audi R8 inspired optics from Tun'R

French styling gurus Tun’R are well known when it comes to radical aftermarket parts for scooters. One of their latest offerings is this trick Audi R8 inspired headlight unit for the MBK Booster and Yamaha BW’s. Available in black or white, horizontal rows of blue LEDs underline the headlights (which are 20W each) to give a striking look. Inspired styling needn’t come at a price either, Tun’R have kept the price low at under 30 Euros making it easy for anyone on a tight budget to adopt some of that Audi attitude.

Yamaha Aerox owners needn’t miss out either with this headlight unit which looks like it’s straight out of the Terminator book of styling:

Each of the above optics are available for just £25.85 each. Product codes and links to follow.

Friday, 4 June 2010

The North Run 2010 - Trophies

If you're planning on attending this year's North Run then here's your chance to win a trophy! We'll be looking for the best wheelie and best burnout as well as the best looking custom scooter and also the roughest looking scooter (rough can look good too)! We'll be handing out the trophies when we get to Squires Cafe in Sherburn-in-Elment on the way back from Scarborough:

* Best Turned Out Scoot *
* Best Burnout *
* Best Wheelie *
* Ruff Scoot Award *

We'll be on the look out for the winners throughout the course of the day. Good luck!

New Polini Big Evolution Reed Blocks

Our friends at Polini inform us that they've prepared two new reed blocks designed to be used primarily with (but not confined to) the new Big Evolution cylinders.The first one is for Yamaha Minarelli horizontal engines and must be used with the new 360° intake manifold. Polini also tell us that it's necessary to work the casings before fitting:

Part No: 213.0052
RRP: 81 Euros + VAT

The second reed block is for Piaggio engines and Polini suggest using it in conjunction with a 19 or 21mm carb:

Part No: 213.0053
RRP: 79 Euros + VAT

Thursday, 3 June 2010

The North Run 2010 - Rider Briefing

This year's North Run promises to be even bigger and better than last year and with your help it can be. We want to ensure that everything goes smoothly on the day of the run so can all riders please spare a few minutes to read the following:

Rider safety: Safety first! Last year there was an incident involving three riders in Wakefield, one of whom got knocked off their bike. Luckily they were wearing the right gear and apart from getting a little bit of a shock, they weren't injured. The last thing we want is to scare people and we don't want to sound like we're giving a lecture either but would all riders please make sure they're wearing gloves (some of you weren't last year), a decent bike jacket and of course a good crash helmet (which should go without saying). At the end of the day, we don't want anyone getting hurt so please ride safely and consider other road users and everything will be okay.

Weather: Fingers crossed that the weather will stay dry and sunny like it did last year but in the event of a torrential downpour, it doesn't hurt to keep some waterproofs under your seat just in case it rains.

Fuel: Riders who need to stop for fuel during the start of the ride will cause a delay for the rest of the group so can all riders please fuel up before the start of the ride and bring some extra cash for fuel. Make sure your two-strokes are topped up with oil too before the start of the journey too. There are petrol stations en route to Scarborough should you need to top up.

Breakdowns: We don't know what we would have done without the assistance of MSL last year who followed the group giving breakdown assistance. All riders need to make sure they've got breakdown cover this year (if you haven't already). If you do need breakdown cover then sign up with the AA or RAC. Links to the appropriate websites are as follows:


Marshals: Keep an eye out for the marshals wearing hi-viz vests who will be there to make sure riders are well behaved (we know it's not a school trip but you know what we mean) and keep the group together. You can never have enough marshals so we are looking for more volunteers to come forward and help out on the day. If you have some previous experience as a marshal and want to lend a hand then please get in touch (phone 01226 630021 or email us).

Schedule: The North Run will commence at 9am prompt on Sunday 18 July. Please be warned that we won't hang around waiting for riders who are late. All riders wishing to join the rideout from the official start point at Adrenalin HQ need to make sure that they're there in plenty of time before the start of the rideout. Obviously traffic delays cannot always be foreseen, so a note to riders wishing to meet us at one of the meeting points on the way to Scarborough the times we have given in our schedule are estimates. Please be aware that there may be delays.

The Route: Obviously we'll be doing our best to ensure that the whole group stays together and nobody gets left behind. In any case we would advise all riders to take a look at the route. It's approximately 80 miles from Barnsley to Scarborough (no motorways and mostly A roads).

Full details of the route which you can print out can be downloaded here:

The North Run 2010 - Barnsley to Scarborough
The North Run 2010 - Scarborough to Barnsley

Please print out a copy to take with you (just in case).

Speed: The average cruising speed is around 50mph once we reach the A64, there will be some allowances for riders of 50cc scooters so that they can keep up with the group.

Who can take part in The North Run? Participation in The North Run is free and riders of all ages are welcome. It would be great to see more maxi-scooters this year. Riders of geared scooters are also welcome. Riders on L plates can go on the run as the route avoids motorways.

Media coverage: The event will be covered by PETROL Scooter Magazine and like last year there will be an official camera car present which means we'll be taking plenty of photos on the day as well as making another video - PED TV! Here's a reminder of the fun we had last year:

Photos of last year's North Run can also be found here.

Facebook: Discussion about the event is already taking place on our Facebook group.

Enquiries: We think we've covered everything but if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to contact us (phone us on 01226 630021 or send us an email).

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

The North Run 2010 - Route Guide

This year's North Run will be here before we know it and what we want this year's rideout to be even better than the last one. To do this it requires proper planning. That said, on the day itself not everything goes to schedule, there can be the odd breakdown and other unforeseen traffic delays. But you can be sure we'll be doing our best to ensure that all riders stick together and arrive in Scarborough safely. This year we've planned a stop-off at the legendary Squires Cafe in Sherburn-in-Elmet on the way back to Barnsley where we'll be handing out a few trophies and some freebies as a thank you to you good people for taking part.

We advise that all attendees take a look at the route and even better, print out a copy to keep with you on the day should you need it.

PDFs of the route which you can print out can be downloaded here:

The North Run 2010 - Barnsley to Scarborough
The North Run 2010 - Scarborough to Barnsley

Tuesday, 1 June 2010