Wednesday, 28 September 2011

NEW! Doppler WR7 Exhaust Systems

The latest shipment of moped parts to land at Pedstop HQ include the new Doppler WR7 exhaust systems. Aimed at people serious about moped tuning these are the highest spec Doppler exhausts available for geared mopeds. The WR7 features a newly designed expansion giving more power low down whilst keeping that power band up at high RPMs like the ER1 systems do, and they carry on to rev out a little bit further. The new silencer is completely re-designed in a titanium colour with anodised black end cap (which we think looks far better), it’s also 300mm longer than ER1 systems which also reduces the noise.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Polini App: Now available for Android

Android users can now download the official Polini Motori FREE App on their mobiles.

As well as providing the latest news direct from Polini, the App also gives access to the following content:

• CATALOGUE: View more than 5000 products for scooters, maxiscooters, Vespa 125/150 bikes, Minibikes and Minicross from Polini's catalogue. Quickly access product information including photos, part numbers and prices.
• NETWORK: Live news, video and Polini's official Facebook page.
• DEALERS: Find your nearest Polini dealer in Italy, France, Spain plus other countries.
• GALLERY: Look at images from the world of Polini.

To view all the contents synchronised with Polini's database the application requires a 3G internet connection or Wi-Fi.

Requires Android 2.1 and up. To install or for more info take a look here.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

TNT Original Moped and Scooter Parts Just In

After the quietness of TNT over the past few months we're pleased to announce that the latest shipment of scooter parts have just arrived and among the usual product line there are some new parts too!

This stator plate for Minarelli AM6 engines from 2007 onwards features twelve coils with an external pick up. It’s a standard replacement for the original however we would recommend you double check the appearance of yours on the moped and compare it to the one in the picture. At £38.40 you’re saving around £60.00 or more on main dealer prices. Product code: AD/180310H

Derbi D50B0 standard 50cc cylinder kit

As you all know the Derbi D50B0 engine is used in most Aprilia and Derbi mopeds that have been produced since 2006. Now there's a cheaper alternative to that hideously expensive genuine barrel. We offer you the complete top end (minus the cylinder head) for just £73.90. Product code: AD/030312

We know that most dealers selling scooter spares and moped spares these days charge over the odds simply because parts aren’t available anywhere else. Thanks to TNT Original scooter spares a lot of original parts are now available much cheaper, here are a few examples:

This Peugeot CDI unit is suitable for Peugeot scooters that use electronic oil pumps and a 'Dell'Orto type' CDI unit. A straight swap for the original at just £38.40 compared to Peugeot's £80.00+ price tag means you can save some of your hard-earned cash. Product code: AD/180021A

CPI voltage regulators have a four-pin plug and are suitable for almost all CPI scooters - £19.10. Product code: AD/180351

As Chinese import four-stroke engines are becoming more and more popular, TNT have once again stepped up to the mark and produced a standard CDI unit suitable for all the 50cc and 125cc models. Available for just £15.00 this CDI is affordable too especially when your local garage has just ruined your original one trying to cut wires or drill holes to derestrict it. Product code: AD/180022A

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Adrenalin Pedstop - Purchasing via PayPal

We're pleased to announce that all our customers now have the option of purchasing products from our online store via PayPal. We're introducing PayPal on a trial basis which will enable us to decide whether or not we keep this payment option in place for the long term.


Monday, 5 September 2011

In development: Adrenalin Pedstop dyno room

After some shuffling around, our up-and-coming state of the art dyno room has now found its permanent home here at Pedstop HQ. As you can see from the pics it's work in progress. We'll keep you posted with the developments.

New uprated Polini Big Evolution reed valve

Comprising of 0.3mm carbon reeds, vulcanised rubber to withstand high working temperatures and a fixing plate machined from solid anodised aluminium this new improved Polini reed valve for Big Evolution Piaggio engines offers more air, more mixture and more power. Suggested assembly with a 24, 26 or 28mm carb.

Polini product code: 213.0055
RRP: 54.50 Euros (+ VAT)

For more scooter performance products from Polini, take a look here.

New improved Polini air cooled cylinder kit for Piaggio engines

Polini have renewed their 47.6mm For Race aluminium cylinder kit. Designed for Piaggio engines and racing, Polini tell us that the displacement increase (permitted by European regulations for track use) significantly improves the following characteristics: pickup, acceleration, sprint, maximum speed and pull at low/medium revs.

The cylinder, cast in light alloy, offers maximum performance even at high operating temperatures while dissipating heat better. The barrel has a 47.6 mm bore with a 'Gilnisil' coating. There are six transfer ports. The exhaust port has a new booster shape that replaces the old W one to optimise the evacuation of combustion gases. The piston, gravity cast at high silicon content light alloy, is fitted with an 'S10' chromed cast iron piston ring. The head, light alloy die-cast, grants a perfect seal and eliminates detonation problems thanks to its perfect squish.

Polini product code: 140.0214
RRP: 189 Euros (+VAT)
100% Made in Italy

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