Tuesday, 15 December 2009

TNT Body Kit for Honda SH125cc 150cc 2006 > models

TNT are renowned for their body kits covering all manners of scooter makes and models, this latest addition is for Honda SH125/150 models from 2006.

We only have the metallic black in stock at the moment but more colours are due in soon.

AD/367300 10 Piece body kit

SCOOTER-X: Online report

So you've seen the video, now you can read all about our recent SCOOTER-X escapades in our special report on issuu.com:

We want to get the ball rolling for SCOOTER-X in 2010 and we need YOU. So if you'd be interested in getting into off-roading let us know either by sending us a message or registering your interest on our facebook group (search for 'Adrenalin Pedstop').

Friday, 11 December 2009

Pedstop goes mini moto

Last night we went mini moto racing at Raceway Karting in Pontefract. UK mini moto champion Josh Brown joined us too, which made make us look even more like amateurs. Anyhow we had a laugh! You can watch our antics in our video:


Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Introducing SCOOTER-X! Off-road scootering...

Combining scooters with motorcross we introduce to you - SCOOTER-X! Here at Adrenalin HQ we'd been discussing the subject of off-road scootering for a while now and on Sunday Chris finally got the chance to take our modified Peugeot Ludix out for a spot of off-road scrambling in deepest Barnsley... and after the recent bad weather we'd been having things got a bit messy! Anyhow we reckon SCOOTER-X has the potential to be massive in 2010, so without further ado sit back, watch the video and let us know what you think yeah? Feel free to leave feedback on our Facebook group (if you're not already a member, do a search for 'Adrenalin Pedstop').


Friday, 4 December 2009

EICMA 2009 - Photos

We took loads of pics in Milan at this year's EICMA show. You can now view the full photo set here on Flickr or sit back and watch the slideshow:

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

EICMA 2009 - Video

For your enjoyment, you can now watch the highlights from our recent trip to Milan in our EICMA 2009 video:

PED TV: EICMA 2009 from ADRENALIN on Vimeo.

Monday, 23 November 2009

XMAS 09 Scooter Parts Catalogue

We initially set about designing a pamphlet but before we knew it we'd made a catalogue, albeit a little one. So we'll be sending out a copy of our XMAS 09 mini catalogue free with every order very soon. In the meantime, thanks to the wonders of technology, you can view it online:

Monday, 16 November 2009

Doppler / Tun'R @ EICMA 2009

More eye candy from the show in Milan, this time some trick bits from France, namely Doppler & Tun'R...


Sporting more tuning and styling components than you can shake a stick at, Doppler in collaboration with BCD have gone the whole hog and transformed what was a humble MBK Booster into a work of art - this fine machine looks it'd be more at home in the Guggenheim museum than on a drag strip. Having said that, the engine appears built for speed and the lengthening and lowering of the scooter suggests it's designed for sprinting. Bolted on to a painted NRG Extreme crankcase is a polished Doppler S7R 70cc cylinder kit, Doppler crank, Doppler S3R inlet, Dell'Orto VHSH 30mm carb, Doppler white internal rotor system. Transmission has been beefed up with a Malossi Over Range variator, Doppler clutch, Malossi wing clutch bell. Doppler S3R chrome exhaust plus Doppler Evolution white silencer. And there's more... Polished and painted MBK Nitro rims utilising Kiesler's Piaggio/MBK rear wheel adaptor + Kiesler rear brake disc (Doppler 230mm front brake disc at the front). Painted Doppler forks, Doppler white racing handlebar and stem (polished) + prototype Doppler white/black grips, Tommaselli quick action throttle. Kiesler fuel tank, transparent cooling hoses, Tun'R twin headlights, BCD Limited Edition bodywork kit RX / Evolution. All very trick indeed.


In keeping with Doppler's apparent mono theme is their 'Black & White' Yamaha Aerox which again showcases a whole host of Doppler and Tun'R goodies. Instantly recognisable are the forks, the Doppler white shock absorber and the S3R Evolution exhaust which has been varnised and fitted with a black silencer. The bodywork is predominantly Tun'R stuff, in fact it all is including the front mudguard and transparent black Lexus style brake light. The funky mirror, brake levers and alloy white kick starter are again made by Tun'R. The handlebar and stem are both from Doppler.

More photos of the above scooters can be found in our EICMA 2009 photo set on Flickr... Keep your eyes peeled for more pics from the show as we've still got a bit of a backlog to go through.

Friday, 13 November 2009

EICMA 2009 - Piaggio USB / Gilera GP800

More show news from Milan:

Piaggio USB

Piaggio presented a gas-electric concept scooter at EICMA - the 'USB' (Urban Sport Bike). Designed by Marco Lambri at Piaggio's Pontedera Style Centre, the USB has a distinct futuristic look about it with its flowing lines and Persil white cleanness. But like many concept bikes, you just know the machine won't ever hit the streets, however the design ideas and the styling may eventually filter down into production models. As it turns out the technology inside the USB has already been incorporated by Piaggio in the MP3 Hybrid which was also on display at EICMA. The USB runs on a gas-electric hybrid system which utilises lithium polymer batteries to power an electric motor attached to the rear wheel. The electric power is mated with an internal combustion engine. Surprisingly the USB's gas engine is a direct-injection two-stroke as opposed to the MP3 Hybrid's four-stroke engine. Performance claims aren't much to shout about with a top speed of 62mph. Eco-friendliness and fuel economy are the main selling points for the machine, Piaggio claim you can get 155mpg out of the bike and running on battery power alone the USB can be ridden at an average speed of 37mph for 31 miles.

Gilera Trofeo GP800

If maxi-scooters and tuned four-strokes are your thing, then Gilera's Trofeo 839cc GP800 should be of interest... Spec as follows: Ported engine, larger intake/exhaust valves and a larger throttle body. Improved air flow, K&N air filter. Rapid Bike II remapped ECU. Transmission mods include a lightened and tuned variator, lightened and tuned clutch, lightened drum clutch, D.I.D ERV3 520 size final drive chain, a 49-tooth ergal rear sprocket and an OEM front sprocket modified to 520 size. The exhaust system is made from steel and carbon and dyno tuned and flowed by FF FRESCO.

To match the performance of the bike, the handling of the GP800 has been improved with an adjustable front fork made by Alex Racing Suspension and an adjustable MUPO rear shocker again by Alex Racing. Stopping power has been improved with PT evo II oversize master cylinders front and rear and sintered brake pads. Finally, the seat has been modified for racing and is the work of Gabriele Musco. We'd love to see the bike in action.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Polini Big Evolution exhaust

News just in from Adrenalin Milan HQ… We’d already heard about Polini’s 94cc developments and after a busy day trekking round EICMA today we’re able to announce news of their latest ‘evolutionary’ exhaust to complement their new 94cc kit evidence of which could be seen on the sprinter they had on display at the show.

Big Evolution kit update!

After saying our hellos with the guys and gals on the Polini stand we learned that the new Big Evolution setup is capable of a massive 33bhp that's three more than the Malossi rival. Speed capabilities weren't available even with reference to the sprinter, but everyone was smiling so we think there might be more surprises to come. Big Evolution products will be available from July 2010 we were told, it's a long time to wait but we think it will be worth it.

Peugeot Hybrid3 Evolution

Piaggio may have a contender on their hands with Peugeot’s electric three-wheeled concept ‘Hybrid3 Evolution’, “evolution” seemingly being the latest buzz word in the scooter scene. It’s a 300cc machine utilising what appears to be Peugeot’s existing supercharger. Zero emissions too. The model (and the machine) certainly seemed to get a lot of interest at the show.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Big Evolution kit from Polini: 94cc for Piaggio and Minarelli LC

EXCLUSIVE! News just in from the Polini camp - 94cc is now in production and will be arriving with us on our next delivery.

To be honest we were hoping for an 80cc for next year's BSSO but Polini have gone one step further - 94cc! We are still in shock. Kits will be available for both Minarelli and Piaggio liquid cooled engines, power capabilities have still not been quoted but we are sure we'll find out at the show next week.

From the pictures we have available the cylinder looks like something you would find on YZ 80 motorcross rather than a scoot. Exhaust port looks similar to the Evo 3 kits and is sporting three exhaust studs, we think either a new stub for Evo 10 or a revised exhaust will be popping up shortly.

A long stroke crankshaft is to be used alongside the 52mm bore giving the 94cc which as you would expect will need some work in the crank casings to accept it. As we learn more we will let you know. A 94cc sprinter coming soon we think...

Big Evolution kit update!

All parts will be available from July 2010 and we have been told from Polini HQ that the new 94cc is capable of a whopping 33bhp.

Friday, 30 October 2009

Project Zip - Part Deux

Hot off the press... Now you can read all about our recent drag racing antics at Santa Pod and Elvington in the second installment of Project Zip. Check it out now...

Monday, 26 October 2009

Project Zip - Elvington

As planned, we went to Elvington on Sunday 18 October for another sprinting session. Our rider, Josh Brown set off well on the Zip but a cold seize in the last 100 yards resulted in a 15.8 second run and a gentle roll over the line at 60mph. Things can only get better.

For your enjoyment, here's the video:

Project Zip - Elvington from ADRENALIN on Vimeo.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Polini parts for Gilera GP800

Some more new arrivals from Polini have landed including the new maxi components for the Gilera GP800.

Both new parts are to benefit the transmission set up, the first is the 20% harder compression spring and new Evo slider. Exchanging this with the stock part will give faster and more consistent acceleration.
Product code: AD/243.095

The second addition to the product range is a five shoe clutch kit which is used on the original clutch plate. The new clutch shoes are made of magical materials that allow for longer lasting and more consistent performance during all speed conditions. The calibration system that makes up part of the Polini kit allows for full adjustment enabling set up for the track or normal road use.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Monday, 12 October 2009

*STOP PRESS* Josh Brown to race for Adrenalin in BSSO 2010 series

We're proud to announce that up-and-coming circuit racer Josh Brown will be racing our Polini-prepped 70cc Piaggio Zip in next year's BSSO scooter series. At the ripe age of 15, Josh is already demonstrating great skill out on the track and we're very pleased to be able to support him next season. These developments mark an exciting step forward for Adrenalin and our involvement with scooter racing.

On Sunday 11 October, we took Josh along with the Zip down to Santa Pod Raceway in Bedfordshire for some performance tests on the drag strip. Track time delays due to bad weather, a strong head wind and traction issues dictate that more quarter mile testing is needed. Alterations to improve the performance of the Zip are due to be carried out by Daryl Taylor at 50cc Tuning in Doncaster before the next race meeting at Elvington in North Yorkshire on Sunday 18 October. Daryl will also continue to assist with ongoing engine work and in the paddock next season.

Get the full story and the quarter mile times in the second part of our online 'Project Zip' feature available soon at

For more photos of our Zip and Josh in action at Santa Pod, take a look
here on Flickr.com

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Pipercross scooter air filters in all sizes

If you're a bit of petrol head then you'll be familiar with the legendary brand: Pipercross. Pipercross filters are used within some of the top sports you're more likely to see on Dave TV or even BBC 1, F1, World Rally and World Super Bikes etc.

With 25 years of experience Pipercross have now blessed the scooter industry with a line of filters guaranteeing improved filtration and performance, a very keen price and no less than 12 union diameters. The other good thing to note which usually gives problems on location is that the new Pod filter line has larger union sizes without the filter being so large it is unusable.

All filters retail at £16.49.

Product codes and union diameters as follows:

MPX1011 - POD FILTER 28mm
MPX1012 - POD FILTER 34mm
MPX1013 - POD FILTER 40mm
MPX1014 - POD FILTER 43mm
MPX1015 - POD FILTER 43mm
MPX1016 - POD FILTER 48mm
MPX1017 - POD FILTER 52mm
MPX1018 - POD FILTER 54mm
MPX1019 - POD FILTER 52mm
MPX1021 - POD FILTER 62mm
MPX1022 - POD FILTER 65mm
MPX1025 - POD FILTER 54mm


Friday, 9 October 2009

Polini Race Crankshaft for Piaggio based 2T engines

Polini's crankshafts are some of the best available when it comes to performance and quality. This particular part carries similar characteristics to the Evolution crank but retains full splines like the stock part, this allows it to use all variator kits available.

Increased compression and overall engine performance is guaranteed.

Product Code: AD/210.0005

Polini Hi-Speed Variator Kit for Minarelli horizontal engines

The new Hi-Speed Variator Kit from Polini looks like what you would expect for a variator but there's a difference - the Evo Slider!

Each incarnation of variator kit whether it be from Polini or Malossi etc. follows the same trends and are made from die-cast alloy of a high silicon content. This one however has a twist, not only is it priced extremely well but with the new Evo Slider it's set to leave the competition standing.

The Evo Slider, how does it work?

This clever and simple addition is made from a self-lubricating material similar if not the same as the slides seen within your variator and it sits neatly beneath the compression spring guide. With the slider in place the compression spring can rotate in a constant way eliminating stress and torsion of the spring which in turn allows for faster and more efficient transmission shifts with improvements on acceleration and on / off throttle use further up the rev range.

Product Code: AD/241.670

Polini 9 Roller Maxi Variator Kit is here for Leader 125/150cc engines

New to maxi land is Polini's nine roller speed control kit which, if the 50cc units are anything to go by, will transform your four poppers acceleration into something magical.

Special coatings on the sliding surfaces and improved excursion of the roller allows for a shorter ratio guaranteeing faster acceleration and improved top speeds. All in all this will allow for the best getaways, hill climbing and overtakes.

External fins around the roller housing will definitely improve cooling adding to more consistent transmission response.

Product code: AD/241.666

Friday, 11 September 2009

Project Zip

Take a limited edition Piaggio Zip RS 50 add a Polini Evolution 3 engine, throw in some PTM racing slicks, a wavey brake disc, a pair of Gubellini shockers and what have you got? One great handing and very quick ped!

Sit back and have a read of part one of our Piaggio Zip project:

Keep your eyes peeled for Part Deux...

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Pedstop Rideout

Our second rideout of the year took us to Elvington near York for the annual Wheelie & Speed Records Weekend on Sunday 16th August. It was a great day out. Thanks to all of you who joined us.

Rideout Stunt Arena

More photos from the day can be found here on Flickr.

And you can watch the highlights from the day in our video:

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Leo Vince 4 Road Exhaust for Honda SH 125i, 150i 2005 Onwards £ 195.00

4 Road. Specifically developed for the 4-stroke engine. The LeoVince Scoot “4 Road” range consists in a range of complete CE marked systems, specifically for motor scooters of over 50 cc and 4-stroke engine. The header pipes and the silencer are made of TIG-welded steel AISI 304.

The silencer interior has been designed in the form of head sections to ensure enhanced performance whilst containing the noise level. The result: an increase in the torque, which makes for improved verve and maximum power rating. LeoVince designers have created an aesthetic look that adapts wonderfully to the line of the motor scooter itself, for a high-impact look. AD/7419 £ 195.00 Will fit the following HONDA PS 125i / 150 2006 > 2008 HONDA SH 125i / 150i 2005 > 2008

Leo Vince 4 Road Exhaust for Honda SH 125 2002 - 2004 £ 195.00

4 Road. Specifically developed for the 4-stroke engine. The LeoVince Scoot “4 Road” range consists in a range of complete CE marked systems, specifically for motor scooters of over 50 cc and 4-stroke engine. The header pipes and the silencer are made of TIG-welded steel AISI 304.
The silencer interior has been designed in the form of head sections to ensure enhanced performance whilst containing the noise level. The result: an increase in the torque, which makes for improved verve and maximum power rating. LeoVince designers have created an aesthetic look that adapts wonderfully to the line of the motor scooter itself, for a high-impact look.

AD/4134 £ 195.00

Will fit the following

Leo Vince 4 Road for Aprilia Sport City 125, 200 £ 210.00

4 Road. Specifically developed for the 4-stroke engine. The LeoVince Scoot “4 Road” range consists in a range of complete CE marked systems, specifically for motor scooters of over 50 cc and 4-stroke engine.

The header pipes and the silencer are made of TIG-welded steel AISI 304. The silencer interior has been designed in the form of head sections to ensure enhanced performance whilst containing the noise level. The result: an increase in the torque, which makes for improved verve and maximum power rating. LeoVince designers have created an aesthetic look that adapts wonderfully to the line of the motor scooter itself, for a high-impact look.

£ 210.00

Will fit the following


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Polini 80cc Cylinder Kit for 139 QMB Engine £ 163.00

Due to the popularity or influx of the Chinese based engines through some of the bigger brands like Peugeot, Kymco and SYM etc the top names in performance parts are all getting involved including Polini.

This part will increase the power output of scooter to 6.2hp @ 7,800 rpm, this doesn't sound a lot but on the 4t single it will transform it into a useable ped that you can have some fun on. AD/125.0007 £ 163.00

Polini Floating Brake Discs Now in Stock for 50cc Range...

These discs from Polini are made from AISI420 grade steel which reduces overall pad wear and increases stopping power. The wavey disc shape aids in cooling meaning you will find it virtually impossible to cook your brakes. They not only offer an increase in performance but they look so much better than the standard article.

Prices start from £ 69.00, available for a range of 50cc scooters


Polini Scooter Team Exhaust for peugeot Ludix, Ludix Blaster etc £ 107.00

Polini Team exhaust is now in stock for the Ludix range. Same great performance and reliability and fully road legal.

AD/200.0276 £ 107.00 Will fit the following

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Wheelie & Speed Records Weekend Barnsley to Elvington

After the success of the first North Run to Scarborough we said we'd organise another rideout and we are doing. Our next rideout is smaller (in terms of miles) and you'll get the chance to compete at the Wheelie & Speed Records Weekend at Elvington near York.

The rideout will commence once again from Adrenalin HQ in Barnsley. The day begins at 9am and we're aiming to set off at 9.30. Estimated arrival at Elvington at about 11am. We're still working on the route, which will follow shortly

The venue usually charges £5 entry for spectators so don’t forget some money. Remember you will also need some money for food and fuel. You'll also need breakdown cover as our van won’t be following us to this event.

If anyone wishes to race at Elvington then please visit www.100mphscooter.com for a current list of rules and regulations.

As we had a few crashes and bumps on the last trip and this is a trip related to speed and wheelies, remember to bring appropriate equipment. You need to be kitted out with leathers, helmet and gloves to be allowed to participate. So keep your skin and gravel separate with some layers in between.

Riders of all ages are welcome on this rideout, the more the merrier. We had a lot of fun on The North Run and hope you all did. This rideout should be just as good, if not better.

Disclaimer: Adrenalin cannot be held responsible in the event of accident or injury.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The North Run - Photos and video

On Saturday 11th of July, Adrenalin Pedstop and lots of scooter followers set off on the North Run, a rideout from Barnsley to Scarborough.


The day was quite eventful and had its fair share of breakdowns, crashes and wheelies. There were lots of different bikes at the event and everyone got to show the modifications they had made to their scooters.

Since the event, photos have been put up on Flickr.


There isn’t much more to say, if you were there you’ll remember it, if you weren’t the best way to describe it is to watch the video:

The North Run
from ADRENALIN on Vimeo.

If you’ve seen some scooters and mopeds you like the look of, then why not take a look at some of Adrenalin’s scooter parts and make your own modifications? Make sure any modifications are legal as you wouldn’t want to get your scooter impounded on the next rideout. Speaking of which, it looks like the South Run will take place next year now and we're planning some smaller events over the summer so keep your eyes peeled for more information.

Monday, 29 June 2009

The North Run - Scooter Rideout

The guys at Adrenalin Pedstop are leaving the office and heading North on their scooters and they want you to join them. The North Run starts at Adrenalin HQ in Barnsley with two stops before reaching Scarborough. First stop: Meet at 10am at Cineworld car park in Wakefield. Second stop: 11.45am at The Highwayman Cafe near York. Full route details are available on the Adrenalin website. And on the specially designed North Run flyer. You can also visit Adrenalin's Facebook page to let them know you're attending.

All scooterists are welcome on the rideout that will arrive in North Bay in Scarborough with the possibility of visiting Oliver’s Mount race track, but details are still being confirmed on this one. So if you and your scooter are free on Saturday the 11th July, make your way to one of the meeting points at the specified times and join in. If you can’t make the run North, keep your eyes peeled for more details on The South Run to Clacton-on-Sea.