Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Derbi Senda, Aprilia SX PedMoto SG 1 Exhaust

PedMoto SG 1 Exhaust

The Derbi Senda DRD, Xtreme, Xrace, Aprilia SX 50 mopeds have been the first to have access to the new SG 1 range from PedMoto, hopefully this is the first of many SG 1 exhausts model applications from the brand. With a low RRP of only £129.95 and big performance "approx 10 hp" on a stock 50cc this has to be a winner.

Everything is included to fit apart from a jet which we found good AFR on a .96 - .97 providing the stock 50cc cylinder and 17.5mm carburettor are being used.

Peugeot Speedfight 3 PedMoto Series 1 Exhaust System

One of the latest scooter systems in the Series 1 range from PedMoto has a pretty innovative design making it suitable for both air and liquid cooled Peugeot horizontal engined scooters, like the Speedfight 3 and Ludix models. This is all down to the swivel manifold stub which makes fitment simple and easy on both models. It carries the usual Series 1 traits with the rubber silent block connecting the bracket to the expansion helping to minimise vibration and increase the life of the exhaust. Another big bonus on this system is it the ground clearance making fast riding possible without any danger of contact with the road. Each system is supplied with everything needed to fit including a set of variator rollers.

Best performance on stock 50cc scooters can be found as follows: 64 main jet and overall weight of 33grams in the variator, operating between 9000 - 9300 rpm. This can vary from one scooter to another but should get you very close to it's optimum.

PMS1853 - £115.999

Stickyparts S-Line Scooter Drive Belts

Standard replacement drive belts can be found at most scooter shops however the quality is often compromised once the price gets low. Stickyparts S-Line belts are sourced direct from the manufacturer in order to offer you an OE level of quality found in most original drive belts but without the often hefty price tag. The fibre composite gives great wear making for a strong reliable belt that lasts. Suitable for many scooters like Gilera Runner 125, Yamaha Aerox, Piaggio Zip, Peugeot Speedfight etc just to name a few. The twist with each of the Stickyparts belts are that the dimensions have been changed marginally to offer improvements in performance, these subtle changes have been made in either overall length, width or pitch dependent on the engine type the belt refers to.

Habana Custom 125 etc – STP906 - £9.80
Speedfight, Ludix etc – STP899 - £9.80
Aerox, Nitro etc – STP898 - £9.80
DNA, Liberty etc – STP904 - £9.80
Runner FX SP 125 etc – STP907 - £14.80
Chinese import 12” wheels – STP903 - £9.80
Chinese import 10” wheels – STP902 - £9.80
Runner, SR50R etc – STP909 - £9.80
Katana, Habana etc – STP901 - £9.80
SYM Jet 50 etc – STP900 - £9.80
Runner VX 125, Vespa ET4 etc – STP908 - £14.80

Road & Sport Scooter Brake Disc Pads

Being able to stop in all weather conditions should be one of the main priorities of any motorist. These Stickyparts sport brake disc pads offer excellent stopping power all year round thanks to the semi metallic compound. By dispersing heat away from the rotor they also make for a much more durable pad. Suitable for many scooters and mopeds like Yamaha Aerox, Derbi Senda, Yamaha Jog R etc with a price of £6.50 per pair.

STP895 - EBC equivalent FA115
STP897 - EBC equivalent FA268
STP896 - EBC equivalent FA193

Adrenalin-Pedstop Loyalty Scheme, Earn ££££'s

Why Loyalty Points and How does it work?

Well it’s simple really; we are giving away points as a way of saying thank you to customers who come back to us for all of their parts time after time.

When you place an order providing the parts you are purchasing are included in the scheme you will earn points worth a particular value, for example product A earns 10 points with each point having a value of 10 pence; you earn £1.00 which you could use against your next buy or save up to purchase something special.

Points can only be earned if you are a registered member. 
Points have no expiry date and can be used in conjunction with any order against any product. 
Points once earned will not change value if a particular promotion expires or is amended; they are safe within your account and can be tracked easily. 
Points can only be redeemed when placing an order through our website 
If for any reason a product is returned then points used will be refunded back to your tally whilst the points earned against the returned product will be removed.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Sym Jet 4 50cc Exhaust System from Tecnigas

We have had our fingers crossed for some time now that one of the manufacturers would make an exhaust system for the 4 stroke SYM scooter's "Jet 4 and Symphony 50" thanks to Tecnigas now we have them.

The new range called Proma look really neat and although its early days they seem to work really well also.
Each system sports a nickel plated finish and a separate steel collector pip.

We have also received the Proma GP4 exhaust that is suitable for the Beeline's, Peugeot V-clic, Sukida Speedy, Kymco Agility etc.

AD/TSLG87 - £94.90 - Chinese 4T 50cc engines, V-Clic, Agility etc
AD/TSLG94 - £94.90 - Sym Jet4 50, Sym Symphony 4 stroke

Monday, 4 February 2013

Scooter and Moped Carbs, 21mm, 19mm, 17.5mm

New sport carburettor kits are in stock with metal float bowls and an unbeatable RRP.

We all know carbs are an essential part of the tick, tock of most engines and this is why price and quality are so important, thanks to the new Stickyparts line up everything is covered with quality being king.

The new carburettor range covers the popular Minarelli and Piaggio scooters along with short bodied carbs for Derbi Senda models, original type fixtures for Speedfight 50 and the universal 21mm and 19mm PHBG types.

STP862 - 21mm universal PHBG type £46.70
STP863 - 19mm universal PHBG type £46.00
STP858 - 17.5mm Senda, GPR, PHVA type £45.90
STP857 - 17.5mm Piaggio PHVA type £40.00
STP861 - Peugeot 50cc OE type £39.95
STP859-C 17.5mm Minarelli - Auto choke £39.00
STP860 - 17.5mm Minarelli - Manual choke £35.00