Monday, 29 April 2013

Athena Racing 50cc Cylinder Kit with Power Valve for Derbi D50B0 Engines

The latest part to come out of the R&D department over at Athena is this Racing 50cc cylinder kit which features the same power valve system currently used on their AM6 70cc kits. Suitable for all Derbi D50B0 engines this Racing 50cc barrel carries the usual Athena traits with having a perfectly finished aluminium Nicasil plated barrel and a surface treated piston guaranteed to give excellent performance in all conditions.

The power valve is controlled by exhaust gas pressure and is supplied with different strength springs allowing you to control when the power valve opens. This allows for a good setup on many exhaust systems giving great power right through the rev range thanks to the varying exhaust port duration. So you get all the benefits of this high end racing cylinder at a high RPM whilst improving power at low RPM's too. This gives a smooth flowing ride allowing faster lap times thanks to the added power and torque at low - mid RPM. Supplied with all components needed to fit to bikes using D50B0 engines, like Derbi Senda, Aprilia RS 50 etc

AD/P4004105100008 - RRP £404.40

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Polini Evolution CDI Units

The new Evolution CDI units from Polini are a very technically advanced product when compared to any others on the market. They work with the support of your battery however the power consumption is only 0.7Ah. They eliminate the energy loss that is generated by your flywheel meaning that more of the engines output can be transferred to your rear wheel. This means that rear wheel power is increased even if engine output is not therefore more acceleration and speed is gained. Each kit includes a connection cable and disc which allows you to connect the CDI to the computer and digitally program it if you wish. There are three kits so far as shown below. The universal kit does not include a pick up or pick up support however can be installed to any engine that has a flywheel and pick up.

Minarelli - 171.0547 - £ TBC
Piaggio - 171.0546 - SRP £471.90
Universal - 171.0548 - SRP £ TBC

Polini CP Carburettors

The recently released Polini CP carburettors are now available with 90° cable guides and also adaptors to suit original air box systems. This allows for the carb to be fitted with none or little modification to 50 / 70cc models and makes for a crisp setup using the original air box. Available in 15mm and 17.5mm in this form which are aimed more towards 50cc models.

15mm - 201.1502 - SRP £78.80
17.5mm - 201.1702 - SRP £79.85

Polini have also announced their first "Evolution" CP 19mm carburettor specifically developed for racing engines that operate between 12000 and 15000 RPM. This carburettor has a different intake pipe and a manifold union of 28mm allowing for the use of a proper performance inlet manifold and further enhancing fuel flow. The carburettor is the result of extraordinary team work between Polini's technical staff and racing teams. The end result is a reliable carburettor that gives great performance and use ability at every throttle position, not just wide open throttle. Supplied with a filter union adaptor which fits perfectly to the new Evolution air filter too.

19mm CP Evolution Carb - 201.1903 - SRP £112.23
Evolution ari filter - 203.0164 - SRP £29.85
Manifold for Zip models - 215.0438 - SRP £46.33

New Limited Edition Polini Big Evolution Exhaust Systems

The latest Big Evolution 70cc exhaust system to be released from Polini exploits even more performance and power from Piaggio engines. Designed specifically for use with Big Evolution 70cc cylinder kits making for a perfect fitment with the three holed manifold stub. The limited edition features a turned manifold pipe, this creates a venturi effect improving gas scavenging which in turn increase power output right up to 14000 RPM. The expansion chamber is hand made from 17 separate pieces making for a real visually pleasing look and the stinger pipe can be disassembled allowing you to insert different sized nozzles changing the power at different engine revolutions. Last but not least the silencer is also a new design with a larger outside diameter which Polini claim has also improved power output.

200.0231 - RRP £TBC