Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Adrenalin-Pedstop Christmas Opening Times 2017

Here is a quick low down on our opening times through the Christmas period.

We are shipping as normal all of this week up until Friday the 22nd of December and then we close and return on January the 2nd 2018.

Make the most of the Christmas break, have a great time and play safe


Thursday, 14 December 2017

Polini E-bike HI-SPEED Tuning Module - 50KM/H Pedal Assist

Electric bicycle tuning is growing as you would expect, every one loves fresh air and most people like pedalling around on bicyles but it can be tiring, pedal assistance with an electric motor has got to be the way forward.

Polini's HI-SPEED module/dongle is designed to get you past the 25km/h limit set by the manufacturers which seems to be the sweet spot of where the real enjoyment starts. Plug in the Polini unit and the pedal assist mode is active up to 50km/h which is just over 30mph.
Installation is easy, not too intrusive and can be reversed quickly, wiring is connected directly to the originals using the same connectors.

Polini HI-SPEED E-Bike is available for the following electric bicycle motors

Bosch Active Line, Bosch Active Line Plus, Performance Line, Performance Lince CX

Bosch Classic, Classic Plus (Gen 1)

Yamaha PW series 2015/2016

Yamaha PW-X series 2017 > Onwards

Brose ebike

Shimano Steps E6000/E8000

Panasonic 36V Center Mounted Unit

Friday, 24 November 2017

Piaggio Medley 125 and Vespa GTS 125 Polini 171.8cc Big Bore Cylinder Kit

Polini's latest performance cylinder kit 140.0221 is destined to give even more acceleration to Vespa's GTS 125 Euro 4 scooter along with Piaggio's big wheeled Medley 125.

Polini includes an ECU that modifys the injection timing to correct the fuel changes needed making the job easy to get right.

Available as a Pre-Order, Polini deliveries are every 3-4 weeks.

All Polini parts are available but not all parts are listed on our website, if you want to attach anything to our normal delivery from the Polini catalogue then give us a call for UK prices and delivery date.

KTM 390 Duke Exhaust from Scorpion 2017> Euro 4

The new 2017 KTM 390 Duke looks better than ever with new front forks, new seating position arrangement and electric gismos to list just a few. The striking KTM colour scheme and aggressive body mouldings aren't bad either.
With this new comfy more grown up version and the Euro 4 must haves the engine and performance are still hitting the mark be it with a low exhaust note.

Scorpions slip on silencer can help, the Serket Taper looks great mounted, sounds awsome, saves weight and gives a performance gain.

Power is up to 43.15hp with the silencer and Scorpion catalyst removal pipe and prices start from £329.00

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Pedstop 94cc Auto Pitbike @ Fatcats Moto Parc

Well after months of talking about it we finally got around to it and got some well deserved track time at FATCATS Doncaster Go Kart track "perfect".

This is a great little venue for getting out of the way when your racing skills are less than average and your testing a pretty but Frankenstein type of bike like ours.

As you can see our camera skills on the day were on par with our riding so definitely more to come in both areas. The bike revealed some small niggles which were expected but it was capable and fast, this thing will be a menace in the right hands "Joe Ravenscroft"

Fingers crossed this weekend we will manage to get the video footage and photos in focus.