Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Aprilia SR 50R Speedo Drive Sensor

Aprilia SR 50 R Speedo Cable and Sensor

This OE genuine Aprilia part can sometimes be difficult to locate at the right price and is often the cause of the speedometer not giving a speed reading.

AD/AP8202403 - £25.87

Aprilia RS 50 AM6 Clutch Spring Kit

Minarelli AM6 Clutch Spring Kits

When inspecting a worn clutch the most obvious wear is on the friction plates as it is clearly visible however over time the springs can also deteriorate. Generally they don't get replaced as the wear is not visible but it can lead to a loss of performance due to clutch slip and in turn this can wear friction plates faster.

This kit includes four new original Aprilia clutch springs suitable for all Minarelli AM6 engines.

AD/AP8206258 - £9.50

Yamaha Aerox Fork Seal Kit

Yamaha Aerox Fork Seal Kit

Each kit includes one oil seal and one dust seal which is enough to over haul, repair one fork leg. This could solve unpredictable handling and obviously stop any oil leaks which would cause an MOT failure.

Suitable for MBK Booster, Nitro, Rocket, Yamaha Aerox and BWS models.

STP729 - £7.00

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Peugeot Speedfight 2 Headlights

Peugeot Speedfight 2 Quad Headlights

Available in range of colours the aggressive design really shows off the front end of any Speedfight 2. You can choose between the regular quad headlights or if you really want something different we also stock quad headlights which feature LED light strips too.

Black with white LED’s – STP572 - £33.00
Black with amber LED’s – STP571 - £33.00
White – STP570 - £23.47
Carbon effect with white LED’s – STP573 - £35.00
Black – STP568 - £23.40
Carbon effect – STP569 - £27.00

Scooter and Moped Speedo Drives

Speedo Drives in Stock For Popular Scooters & Mopeds

We have increased our range of speedo drives covering many makes and models of scooters and mopeds of all ages. Each unit is a direct replacement for the original and manufactured to a high quality to ensure a long reliable life.

Peugeot Speedfight (plastic type) - STP733 - £15.00
Peugeot Speedfight (metal type) – STP732 - £15.00
Aprilia SR 50 (plastic type) – STP743 - £15.00
Aprilia SR 50 (metal type) – STP742 - £15.00
Early Piaggio Typhoon (metal type) STP740 - £15.00
PIaggio Zip (plastic type) – STP738 - £11.90
Gilera Runner (metal type) – STP739 - £15.00
Derbi Senda (15mm spindle) – STP735 - £18.00
Derbi Senda (12mm spindle) STP734 - £18.00

Monday, 10 December 2012

PedMoto Panel Filters for OE Scooter Air Boxes

PedMoto Panel Filters
We now have 6 additional panel filters to add to the already popular range from PedMoto which now covers many more scooters like Peugeot Seedfight, Gilera Runner VX models, Yamaha BWS etc etc. Each filter is designed to be a direct replacement for the original and thanks to the twin foam layers gives improved filtration and a small gain in performance.

Peugeot Speedfight etc – PMPPF003 - £4.40
Aprilia SR50R etc – PMPPF004 - £4.40
Gilera Runner VX etc – PMPPF005 £4.40
Piaggio Vespa models – PMPPF006 £4.40
Early Gilera Runner models etc – PMPPF007 - £4.40
Yamaha BWS etc – PMPPF008 - £4.40

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Polini Tuning Parts 2013 Catalogue

Polini's 2013 catalogue is packed with goodies including all of the new items which can be found on pages 2 -7.      Polini 2013 catalogue

We will have more info on the new parts over the next few days so we will keep you posted.

Monday, 5 November 2012

CPI SM 50cc Cylinder Kits

Aluminium 50cc Cylinder Kit

Standard replacement cylinders for CPI SM and  SX 50cc models at one time were hard to come by especially at a reasonable price. Well things have changed and now the only problem seems to be dropping on a good one, especially if you are looking for a stock 50cc replacement which is aluminium.

Stickyparts offer this aluminium nikasil plated barrel for a fraction of the original RRP supplied complete with a new piston kit and base gasket all finished to the highest OE standard.

STP682 – £108.00

Derbi Senda 70cc Cylinder Kit, New Moped Tuning Parts

70cc Big Bore Cylinder Kits for Derbi & AM6 Engined Mopeds

Stickyparts 70cc big bore kits are perfect for road use, utilising a cast iron barrel and twin ring piston makes for an extremely durable kit. The port layout offers a great power gain right across the rev range making a smooth user friendly ride. Each kit includes a new cylinder head and all of the necessary components needed to fit including gaskets. In stock for Derbi D50B0, EB050 and Minarelli AM6 engines making them suitable for Aprilia RS, RX, SX Derbi Senda, GPR etc

Derbi D50B0 engines – STP680 - £120.00
Minarelli AM6 engines – STP674 - £120.00
Derbi EB050 engines – STP678 - £120.00

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Athena Sprinter, 94cc Dragster

We thought we would give you a chance to take a look at Athena’s sprint bike “scooter” and let you see what thinking out of the box can lead to. After only 4 months they have beaten some of the strongest competition in Europe with an engine hybrid Moto X meets Auto scooter. Take a look at the carburettor manifold position, hopefully all of this testing leads to some interesting cylinder kits in the future.

The project to create an ATHENA dragster “sprint bike” began a few months ago from an Italian-French team including Athena’s Technical Chief Mr Luigi Vangelista and the French mechanic Mr St├ęphane Fort with the support of Athena’s Mr Matteo Mancassola and Athena French sales representative Mr Jean-Paul Bourdoux.

The Athena cylinder kit fitting Minarelli engines is a prototype based on a KTM 65cc cylinder kit, fully revised in its porting as well as diagrams and of course using special racing parts in order to reach a displacement of 94cc.

• Frame: aluminium
• Engine: Minarelli Horizontal engine - long type MBK Ovetto”
• Piston: diameter 50 mm
• Cylindre kit: Athena DRAGSTER Prototype BIG BORE cylinder kit, bore size 50mm
• Displacement: 65cc
• Crankshaft: Athena Prototype crankshaft 48mm stroke
• Rad valves: BOYESEN
• Carburetor: Dell’Orto carburetor VHST 30 MM
• Variator, clutch, transmission and belt are all Athena prototypes
• Rear brake: drum
• Front brake: disc
• Radiator: Fluidyne Radiator
• Current power @ the wheel: 29.5 HP tested on a DYNOJET bench, the target is to go over 30HP
• Total weight: 42 kg

When Athena began its sprinting adventure they promised they were there to win.
And so it is, after only four months from Athena’s first appearance at the 150-meter track they have taken to the highest step of the podium in Salbris where it all began with an excellent third place in July.

The competition, which took place on October 27th and 28th, was particularly intense. Riders were welcomed to the track by a winter’s day with an icy road bed and lashing winds, all of which made it difficult to control the drag bikes road holding on the start. In qualifying Athena demonstrated it was heading for success, reaching the first place with their rider Guillaume. With competition much more challenging than expected changes were made in the team-play, from the rider to all the technical staff and of course things were made a little easier due to the power and reliability of the Athena engine.

So with the final sprint came the victory with the time of 4.8 seconds.

Athena parts

Friday, 26 October 2012

New Polini Carburettor's Launched at Eicma 2012

It looks like Polini have managed to meet the needs of what everyone is striving for nowadays, sophisticated technology neatly packaged into a small body with lots of quality and great performance.

A carburettor! really, for us this is a big win in terms of  what you guys need, we have included below all of the information that Polini have provided but in short there are two types of carb available, one with a flip choke and the other with a cable attachment. Both are being released in the following diameter sizes 15, 17.5, 19, 21, and 23mm.

Suggested RRP will be approximately £72.00

Polini's information

This was the Polini’s great idea, and this is the great result: an innovative carburettor, whose every single component has been designed, developed and manufactured by the company of Bergamo.
 Available in a wide range of diameters - 15/17.5/19/21/23/24 - it is entirely made of aluminium, it has compact dimensions and it is 40% lighter than a traditional carburetor.

The inlet pipe is very short and it features an exclusive concentric design and a geometry that optimises the air flow when the gases passes through. The overflow of petrol in the atomiser has been designed to ensure correct flow dynamic at every position of the throttle valve when open. The hole where the petrol enters and the larger needle allow the constant draft even in the most extreme conditions. The float level, completely made of plastic, and the needle seal are carefully controlled in the production department to ensure the same standard of efficiency over time. These features considerably simplify the setup of the carburetor. Thanks to the extremely sophisticated calibration, the petrol-air flow, main and low jets have been designed to achieve the best performance with a lower consumption. The compact size of the new carburetor is the result of a careful and meticulous management of the inner space and the maximum efficiency of all the components, subjected to strict controls.

To ensure an easy and precise assembly on the best sellers engines and its compatibility to different filter boxes, both originals and racing, flanges with different diameters are available. A prestigious project like this has required a deep synergy of competences in this field. An extraordinary teamwork between the technical and the racing department to reach the goal which is visible to everybody: a technologically advanced product and of absolute reliability.

Moped and Scooter Inlet Manifolds

360° swivel manifolds allow you to change the position that your carburettor takes, this helps when fitting larger carbs or air filters and can solve the problem of getting open filters wet along with clearing parts of the moped like the rear damper.

Derbi Senda DRD, Xtreme, Pro, GPR Nude, Racing etc
Derbi  EB050 & D50B0 engines with 32mm union – STP650 - £18.00

Ludix, Jetforce Ctec, Speedfight 3 2t models
Peugeot horizontal with 23mm union – STP644 - £18.00

Piaggio Intake Manifold - 360 Degrees Swivel

360° swivel manifolds allow you to change the position that your carburettor takes, this helps when fitting larger carbs or air filters and can solve the problem of getting open filters wet. On Piaggio engines flexibility in the manifold position is a great help when you need to clear the casing beneath the bowl of the carburettor as well as guiding the filter away from the rear mudguard.

Piaggio 50cc 2T with 23mm union – STP535 - £18.00
Piaggio 2T engines with 32mm union – STP536 - £18.00
Piaggio 2T engines with 23mm and 28mm union – STP649 - £22.90

RS 50 AM6 Inlet Mainfold - 360 Degrees - Swivel

360° swivel manifolds allow you to change the position that your carburettor takes, this helps when fitting larger carbs or air filters and can solve the problem of getting open filters wet along with clearing parts of the moped like the rear damper.

Minarelli AM6 with 32mm union – STP645 - £18.00

Aerox, Jog R Inlet Manifold - 360 Degrees

360° swivel manifolds allow you to change the position that your carburettor takes, this helps when fitting larger carbs and air filters and can solve the problem of getting open filters wet.

Minarelli horizontal with 23mm union – STP641 - £18.00

Yamaha Aerox Water Pump Cover Units

With an even bigger range now available you have the choice of the standard design in four different anodised colours or for a custom look we have slotted and holed units which allow full view of the flywheel as it spins. Each unit has all the tricky internals already installed allowing you to fit the part in just a few minutes. Suitable for all Minarelli horizontal liquid cooled engines.

Carbon effect – STP635 - £40.00
Anodised blue – STP632 - £40.00
Anodised green – STP634 - £40.00
Chrome – STP690 - £40.00
Holed Chrome – STP636 - £47.00
Holed carbon – STP692 - £47.00
Slotted carbon – STP691 - £47.00

Yamaha Aerox Handlebar Grips

These neat looking grips are specific to the Aerox in every way. The shape and design fits perfectly in place of the originals and still allows for correct use of the standard bar ends and switch gear.

Available in 5 different colours

Red – STP718 - £6.45
Grey – STP720 - £6.45
Yellow – STP719 - £6.45
Black – STP716 - £6.45
Blue – STP717 - £6.45

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Derbi Senda Exhaust SG1 from Pedmoto

Moped exhausts are on the menu with the Derbi Senda and Aprilia SX models being first served from Pedmoto. The SG 1, series geared system has already passed our ugly prototype stage and is almost ready for production. This system performs very strong with power being between 9 and 10.5hp just with a jet increase.

This kind of performance if compared to a scooter would be on a tuned scooter using a 70cc cylinder kit, aftermarket exhaust and a big carburettor, we are wondering why we didn't spend more time on these before.

Prices should be around £125.00 to £130.00 and the exhaust will be suitable for all models of Derbi Senda including DRD's from 2000 to 2013 providing the exhaust route is on the left side of the bike.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Scooter Variator Rollers from Pedmoto

PedMoto Variator Rollers

With the release of PedMoto variator rollers we can now offer high quality precision rollers at an affordable price. Each roller is produced in a technical polymer that’s resistant to abrasion and high temperatures, which in simple terms means transmission efficiency is kept to a maximum even when things get hot. Available in a range of weights and sizes to suit Yamaha, Peugeot, Honda, Piaggio, Gilera etc

Prices from £6.80   15 x 12     16 x 13     19 x 15.5

CPI SM, CPI SX 50 Manifold Conversion

Manifold Conversion for CPI SM / SX Models

The CPI SM/SX models along with the WK (White Knuckle) 50 SM use a copy of the very popular Minarelli AM6 engine with one of the differences being how the exhaust mounts to the cylinder. TNT have produced a simple yet innovative adaptor that allows the bolt on application of the CPI exhaust mount to accept the push in exhaust neck of the typical AM6 engine. It simply bolts to the cylinder creating a stub that accepts Minarelli AM6 spring mounted exhaust systems opening up a whole new range of exhaust to be used on all CPI SM / SX  plus WK mopeds.

AD/019919 - £18.15

Genuine Piaggio Parts - Kick Start Bush

After sometime you may find your kickstart pinion is wearing out rather quickly and causing the kick start to slip. This is often caused by the shaft connected to the lever having too much play inside the crank case cover, if this is the case then it’s ready to change the bush.

Available for all Piaggio 2 stroke engines –
Piaggio 50cc 2T engines – AD/286209 - £1.95
PIaggio 125 – 180cc 2T engines – AD/431205 - £3.49

Doppler Heavy Duty Small End Bearings

As used in the Doppler Endurance and Racing crankshafts these heavy duty small end bearings can be used in standard 50cc or even full blown race setups that venture beyond 14000 RPM. When it comes to rebuilding your engine we always recommend using the best bearings available! We now have a range of sizes in stock which are suitable for some standard crankshafts whilst others are over sized bearings specific to Doppler crankshafts only.

12 x 17 x 15 – AD/451081 - £10.92
12 x 17 x 13 – AD/324278 - £10.92
10 x 14 x 13 – AD/324259 - £10.92
12 x 16 x 15 – AD/459124 - £10.92
12 x 15 x 15– AD/324263 - £10.92

Doppler Vortex Cylinder 50cc Spares Parts

The greatly successful Doppler Vortex has been out just about long enough for some owners to grant the need for servicing their kit. We now have piston kits and replacement gasket sets in stock for both Minarelli AM6 and Derbi engines using the Vortex 50cc cylinder kits.

Minarelli AM6 piston kit – AD/481154 - £42.50
Derbi D50B0 piston kit – AD/481155 - £42.50
Minarelli AM6 gasket set – AD/480614 - £10.80
Derbi D50B0 gasket set – AD/480615 - £10.80

Friday, 5 October 2012

Speedfight 3 Exhaust from Pedmoto

The latest Pedmoto S1 exhaust system is nearly finished, here are a few pictures of what will be the end result be it with a steel bracket rather than a thick L-plate.

As you can see the system is long but ties in well with the Speedfight 3 and of course the Ludix models. More importantly we have managed to get a fraction more performance than the current top performing system with the only changes needed to stock peds being a jet increase and roller change.

The brief on this system was to make one of the best performing systems suitable for both LC and AC models that could over come the fitting issues associated with some of the brands currently available. A big problem we noticed was ground clearance, this was evident on a particular brand which made turning right difficult and grazing the expansion a certainty. The Pedmoto S1 has maximum clearance allowing for the greatest lean angles with no danger of grinding the floor. All dyno results will be released once we test a new S1 fresh from the box but it looks good for another bargain buster that performs.

Price will be £115.99 once released and the system will include variator rollers

Monday, 1 October 2012

CPI SM SX 80cc Big Bore Cylinder Kit from Airsal

Finally a kit designed specifically for the CPI SM –SX 50cc geared engine (AM6 clone), the Airsal Tech 80cc high end cylinder. Many companies have listed AM6 cylinder kits to fit this bike for a long time however they are not a true fit and always required some kind of modification like changing the exhaust etc. This kit is 100% designed and developed for the CPI engine making fitment a breeze on the original or any after market exhaust systems.

It offers big performance gains thanks to the capacity increase to 80cc and completely revised port layout. Supplied complete with everything needed to fit however you will need to increase the main jet size in your carburettor and change the spark plug to a NGK BR8ES.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Adrenalin Pedstop - a virtual tour

If you haven't visited our shop in Barnsley yet or you've been wondering what lurks behind our doors, then let us take you on a virtual tour of Adrenalin in our behind the scenes gallery on Flickr. Take a peak inside our dyno room and warehouse, there's even a few photos of our old shop too:


New improved Polini Big Evolution air filters

Polini have improved their 'Big Evolution' air filters to better exploit engine carburetion.

The air filter pictured above (Polini product code: 203.0159) features a 'truncated cone' shape, it's easy to fit and is suitable for Yamaha Minarelli horizontal engines equipped with a Polini PWK carburetor. The sponge has a high filtering capacity which traps all the impurities in the air while allowing air to flow efficiently through to the carb.

The above air filter (Polini product code: 203.0160) again has a truncated cone, it's easy to install and comes with a set of sleeves of different diameters to allow fitment with most of the popular carbs.

RRP for the above products: 38 Euros (£30.59) + VAT

For more performance parts from Polini, take a look at our website.

New GP4 four-stroke exhaust from Tecnigas

Tecnigas have launched a new MotoGP style exhaust - the GP4. As you'd expect from the name it has racing looks, it also has a high quality nickel finish and is available for all scooters with a 50cc four-stroke Kymco engine. Contact us for availability.

Coming soon: Keep an eye out for more four-stroke exhausts from Tecnigas.

For more scooter products from Tecnigas, take a look at our website.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Silicone overload! PedMoto silicone hoses

The odd tweak here and there can make any scooter or moped look different from the rest. With this in mind we've had the very best quality silicone hose produced with internal diameters of 5, 4 and 3mm. This means you can match your air, fuel and oil pipe for only £2.30 per metre. Available in a choice of six colours: Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Take a look at the range of silicone hoses available on our website.

For more products from the PedMoto catalogue take a look here.

Pedmoto Series 1 exhaust system for Peugeot scooters

Great news for Peugeot owners! Currently in the pipeline is a version of the Pedmoto Series 1 designed specifically for Peugeot Speedfight 3 LC/AC models, Ludix Blaster, Snake and Jetforce C-Tech.

In terms of performance the S1 which is already available for 50cc Piaggio and Minarelli engines has already proven to be a clear winner compared to other 50cc exhausts on the market. Dyno tests carried out at Pedstop HQ (read the full article here) revealed top performance figures and great versatility in which you can set the variator weights making DIY setup very easy. The Peugeot model promises the same great performance, great value and great looks. And in addition to this, unlike other exhausts for Peugeot scooters, this one won’t succumb to scrapes and scratches during heavy cornering.

Pictured above is the S1 for Piaggio engines, the Peugeot model is scheduled for an early November release and at just £115.99 it's a no brainer. Product code: PMS1803.

For more Pedmoto products, take a look at our website.