Thursday, 28 January 2010

BCD-DESIGN scooter parts are on their way

It's been almost a year since new stock arrived from BCD in France, which is mainly down to poor distribution in the UK and politics but problem solved, the parts are on their way.

Next week should see the first of many deliveries from BCD-DESIGN with a good selection of parts including the undertrays and some new bits and bobs.

New Tecnigas Enox Exhaust for Derbi Senda, Aprilia SX 50, Peugeot XPS, XP6 etc.

The Enox system has been around for a while and always supplied in a stainless steel finish. The new release from Tecnigas carries the same performance qualities as the original systems but has a lower price tag of £119.95 due to the clear lacquer coating rather than stainless.

Model applications remain the same so these are ideal for shoppers on a budget.


MH Furia / Peugeot XP6 / Rieju MRX / Rieju MRX PRO / Rieju RJ / Rieju RR / Rieju RRX 50 / Rieju SMX / Rieju Spike X 50

Malaguti XSM / Malaguti XTM / MBK X-Limit 50 / MH RYZ 50 / Peugeot XPS / Yamaha DT 50

Thursday, 14 January 2010

The North Run 2010 scooter rideout

Sunday July 18th is the magical date for this year's North Run rideout from Barnsley to Scarborough. Loads of scooterists will attend, it'll be lots of fun and there'll be more maxi scooters this year hopefully. Remember that riders of all ages are welcome on this rideout, the more the merrier. If it's anything like last year (have a look at the pics) then scratch the date into your bodywork, you really don't want to miss this one.

If you would like to join us on this ride or are thinking about it then please register your interest on our Facebook group. If you've got any questions or queries about the North Run then feel free to contact us.

More info about the route and BBQ location to follow...

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Winter component checks for your scooter!

Winter is a time for us to catch up on all those little jobs that we keep putting to one side. Here are a few reminders, tips for all us riders who have a little time on our hands due to the recent snow. Getting the most out of your scooter whatever the weather is important; making those small routine service checks will hopefully prevent costly repairs in the long run.

Transmission: When was the last time you changed your drive belt or oil pump belt (if your model has one)? Can’t remember? Well a badly worn belt can take as much has 10mph off your top speed and if it snaps you’re well and truly stuck. We stock a wide range of drive belts from standard to racing, all priced well which should help.

When was the last time you changed your rollers? Again they don’t cost a lot but they could save you pounds on fuel, after all they don’t last forever. Once they show flat areas it’s all over and if they wear right down they could damage your variator. If this happens, or when you’ve come to change your rollers and a groove is found on the pulley half, all is not lost because again we offer some truly great deals on variators and rollers.

Carburetion: Another overlooked service item is the panel air filter, when was it last cleaned or better still replaced? With the new Polini air filters now in stock for the OE air box there is no excuse, it’s like giving your scooter a packet of tunes, loads better with an increased air flow over the stock foam. Low prices help too, it saves you washing your old one in the tub and getting a beating from your mum because her smalls smell of petrol!

Electrics: The easiest thing in the world to do is change a spark plug unless you’ve got a Vespa ET4 in which case you need a dollies hand on a stick. Spark plugs are easily affected in damp weather as well as the HT lead and plug cap, a giveaway may be poor starting or fuel economy or maybe even the odd kangaroo jump. We find NGK to be the most reliable.

Lubrication & Cooling: Gear oil and coolant should not be forgotten, out of sight out of mind seems to be the norm but just imagine what the cost could be if your gearbox had no oil? It would probably end up with new engine casings costing an arm and a leg instead of spending just a few quid. Did you put water in your radiator? If you did then some changes are needed, true coolant is essential whether it be summer or winter. Running pure water will potentially freeze and could crack your radiator or even your cylinder. Being prepared is the best way to stay on the road. Have a look at our oil and care products.

Tyres: Check your tyre pressures weekly and their condition, look for cuts or deterioration to the wall and if in doubt replace them, good stocks of IRC brand are always available and offer great performance at a great price.

Brakes: Once the going part is sorted what about stopping?! Check your brake pads or shoes for wear and tear. Pads can often come away from the backing, this can result in the pad falling off or breaking up which could score the disc so be warned. Check the disc for signs of wear making sure that all bolts on the disc and calliper aren't loose. While you're at it, you could also check all the lights are working and the horn is ok.

Exhaust: Protecting your exhaust with some heat resistant paint will not only prolong your investment’s life but will also make it look smart. We recommend two to three coats of paint (Black or Silver) then let it cure before running the engine. Chrome and other metals can be protected with WD40, this is amazing stuff it protects metals, keeps water out of electrics and removes marks off your bodywork. It can even get chewing gum out of carpets, honestly it’s great.

For more assistance with other items please visit our website or call us direct on 01226 630020.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Look for the PEDSTOP DEALER logo!

The PEDSTOP Dealer logo displayed on your local dealer's window verifies they are part of our dealer network. This means all the parts visible on our website are available from your dealer, if you can't see the sticker then ask them to contact us (01226 630020), we're waiting for their call.

Most people find our website the quickest and easiest method to get parts fast but if you want the parts but don't have a bank account then pay your local official PEDSTOP dealer in cash, we can even send direct to your door.

Always ask for FREE Adrenalin Pedstop stickers to be sent with each order!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Happy New Year from the Adrenalin team - it's snowing!

It's 2010 already and we have snow at Pedstop HQ.

Happy New Year to all of our customers including newbies for 2010 and thank you for your patience after the holidays. We tried frantically to get orders out yesterday and only managed about half, today should have seen the end of the backlog but this has been hampered by early pickups from couriers. If the weather persists it may delay things a little but we still think everything will be delivered towards the end of the week.

VAT increase

Well the dreaded 17.5% is back and although things have increased it's not by too much, you can still make a good saving with the free postage too so take advantage of it.

We're off sledging now so adios...