Friday, 27 September 2013

Polini 94cc Automatic Pit Bike from Adrenalin-Pedstop

Scooter Pit Bike Hybrid hmm Why?

Why not tune up just a scooter or pit bike, well we thought that had been done already, not by just us but loads of people everywhere lots of times.
The amazing thing about Pit bikes is there awesome useability on tarmac as well as off road, we maybe shouldn't say this but due to the seat, feet, handlebar position of your everyday 140cc thumper they make an excellent tarmac scratcher with more stability than your average scooter. You can get away with wild maneuvers that would result in a crash on a normal ped.
With this said they do have a lumpy gearbox with OK acceleration which is still great for masses of fun but put a 94cc 2 stroke engine with CVT transmission and surely it will be awesome?

Well that's what we are hoping for a track focused looney tune two wheeler with all the fun of a pitbike and the crazy acceleration and consistency of a race prepared scooter engine. Videos and more pics coming soon!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

S-Line Evolution race crankshaft range from Stickyparts

These new editions to our range from Stickyparts have been well received due to price and quality. Produced by CM Racing a well renowned manufacturer of crankshafts for many of the European brands puts these cranks in a crazy mix, very low affordable price with the quality and performance of the big boys. The recession is being kind to our customers with prices from as little as £69.95

STP773 - £85.00 AM6 over sized shoulders
STP774 - £76.44 SYM Jet
STP772 - £73.00 AM6
STP771 - £73.00 Derbi EB050
STP770 - £73.00 Derbi D50B0
STP769 - £69.95 Minarelli Horizontal
STP768 - £69.95 Piaggio 2T

New Moped spares from Pedstop - Cables

New moped cables from Stickyparts are in stock for all of the popular geared mopeds like Aprilia RS, SX, RX, Gilera RCR, SMT, Derbi Senda, MBK X-Limit, X-Power, Peugeot XP6, XPS, XR6, Yamaha DT 50 and TZR 50.

Moped throttle cables, speedo cables, brake cables and clutch cables from only £5.50

Adrenalin-Pedstop's Workshop is open from the 30th of September

All manners of workshop work taken from engine rebuilds, dyno work, parts fitting, servicing, race setup etc. Prices run from £40 per hour fitting service and £45 per hour Dyno time.
For you guys that live some distance away from us you can book in and wait whilst the work is done, alternatively you could send us your engine and we can fit parts or rebuild the engine as required.

Small jobs like rollers and belt changes etc can be completed in minutes, call us for more information or to book on Tel:01226 630020