Friday, 29 July 2011

Video: The North Run 2011 (Part 2)

Just uploaded to our YouTube Channel - North Run 2011 (Part 2). It's fair to say that this one is a little bit different to our other videos - this one covers the madcap antics that took place at this year's venue - Castle Syke Hill at Ackworth, Wakefield. What an epic weekend! Sit back and enjoy the vid!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Video: The North Run 2011 (Part 1)

One video simply wasn't enough to cover Saturday's epic North Run. Part 1 which covers the rideout is now live on our YouTube Channel! Enjoy!

Coming soon on PED TV... Look out for Part 2 to see what went on at Castle Syke Hill...

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

New Polini Cylinder Kit for Yamaha X-MAX and X-CITY 125 / MBK Cityliner 125

Polini's new cylinder kit for 4T Yamaha X-MAX and X-CITY 125 / MBK Cityliner 125 grants great performance and faster acceleration through the rev range making overtaking easier thanks to the fast power delivery of this kit. The kit comes together with a pressure regulator, it's easy to fit and has been calibrated to suit the original exhaust system. By increasing the fuel pressure in the injection system this eliminates the use of the electric gear case thus increasing the power and torque of your scooter.

Technical Features

Made in Italy, this Polini cylinder kit has a 63mm bore and a displacement of 182.66cc. The displacement improves the power output of the scooter with a 11,5:1 compression ratio. The cylinder is cast in light aluminium alloy. The liner with Nickel-Siliceous coating improves the sliding of the piston and resistance to wear and abrasion. The kit includes the new SLS (Single Layer Steel) head gaskets made of flouride techno-polymers that are resistant to high temperatures. The piston is die-cast at high siliceous content with 'omega' design. This reduces thermal expansion and slack. Two special rings and one scraper ring are included with the piston. Polini's special piston dome design also improves the compression ratio.

Polini product code: 166.010
Suggested Retail Price: 279 Euros (£247 at the current exchange rate) + VAT

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The North Run 2011 - Schedule / Route / Awards

Not long to go now! For those of you who will be joining us on this year's North Run this Saturday 23 July, we've put together a document that you can download and print out so you know exactly what the plan is for the day including where all the pick up points are (including postcodes for those of you with sat navs). All times are of course estimates.

The event kicks off at 9am at Pedstop HQ here in Carlton, Barnsley once again. 9am is the time the rideout begins so make sure you're there a bit earlier. Details of how to find us including maps and directions can be found here.

The plan for the day can be downloaded here: North Run 2011 Schedule
(Right click on the link and save to your computer).

The map shown below also shows the route in more detail and the pick up points:

View Larger Map


This year's destination is Castle Syke Hill, Ackworth, Wakefield where riders can relax and unwind in the countryside after the rideout. Camping is free so bring a tent, have a barbecue! Fun and games at Castle Syke Hill include a bucking bronco, a tug of war comp, the incredible human wrecking ball, providing the soundtrack will be the DJs and later on during the evening our pole dancers Stacey and Hayley Downing will be there to entertain. Catering vans serving food and refreshments will be present at the venue and toilet facilities.


FREE TEES! We've got 500 NORTH RUN 2011 t-shirts up for grabs! These are only available to attendees and won't be available after the event, so make sure you grab one on the day. The t-shirts feature the North Run 2011, Pedstop logos and our sponsor's logo - the mighty Polini.

As usual free NORTH RUN stickers will be available too to all attendees - one sticker per rider.


We've got some ace trophies to award this year. For anyone entering their bike for an award you’ll need to line up into the correct area which will be pointed out to you at Castle Syke Hill. Anyone entering the competition chooses an appropriate category from the following and you can only enter one category:

• Best Peugeot
• Best Gilera
• Best Yamaha / MBK
• Best Aprilia
• Best Piaggio
• Best Import

Within the above categories we're looking for the best example of each make of scooter. So you don't necessarily need to have a full blown custom scooter to enter any of these categories. If you own one of the above makes of scooter then you can enter.

• Best Burnout

Throughout the course of the day we'll be on the lookout for the best burnout, preferably caught on camera.

• Ruff Scooter Award

Think rat bike / Mad Max style and you get the idea. Rough looks good too!

• Best Custom Scooter

As the title says really, best custom scooter can be any make or model, fully customised or part customised, tuned or standard engines, geared or auto.

We'll keep you posted with any last minute news about this year's North Run here on our blog and on Facebook.

In the meantime, reminisce the madness of last year's North Run!

ATHENA maxi scooter performance parts

If you're looking for maxi scooter performance parts, it's worth noting that ATHENA produce a range of quality products for the famous Piaggio MP3 and Yamaha T-Max.

For the Piaggio MP3 400 (2009 models onwards) ATHENA's scooter parts product line includes:

Engine Oil Seals Kit
Standard Transmission Belt
Platinum Transmission Belt (Kevlar)
Air Filter
Complete Gasket Kit
Top End Gasket Kit
Wheel Bearings
Oil Filter

For the Yamaha T-Max 500 (2008-2010 models) ATHENA's current maxi scooter parts product line is as follows:

Stearing Stem Bearing Kit
Fork Oil seal kit
Variator Rollers in different weights
Platinum Transmission Belt (Kevlar)
Top End Gasket Kit
Complete Gasket Kit
Oil Filter

To order any of the above products or for more information please visit our website or call us on 01226 630020.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

BSSO 2011: Round 7 – Three Sisters

BSSO Round 7 took place last weekend at Three Sisters in Wigan. Ridiculously wet conditions caused difficulties for most but this didn't stop our rider Sam Schofield from coming up with the goods and finishing second. Head over to to read Sam's account of how it all went.

Friday, 15 July 2011

The latest Tecnigas exhaust systems

The latest scooter parts to arrive at Adrenalin HQ:

Tecnigas Maxi 4 exhaust systems for Kymco People S 125 – 150cc models are now in stock. The robust steel structure ensures these exhaust systems are very durable and resistant to wear. Similar in design to the original system they offer low noise levels and meet up-to-date EC homologations. Available for the following Kymco models:

People S 125 – 150cc (rear drum brake models) – AD/TSLM12 £166.96
People S 125 – 150cc (rear disc brake models) – AD/TSLM13 £166.96

Tecnigas have been producing scooter parts for some time now. The reputation of their old Next R systems weren’t all that great as they carried the same expansion chamber throughout the range resulting in pretty poor performance. All that has changed now and after some serious re-design the result is the Tecnigas Trek. Great performance can be seen from Trek systems along with a new bracket and silencer design. The latest arrivals are for Minarelli Vertical engines and we're impressed with the performance this system gives on our little Yamaha Slider.

Minarelli Vertical engined scooters – AD/TSLT07 £93.90

The all new Tecnigas E-box exhaust derived from G-box systems. You get the same solid build quality and worthy performance for 50cc standard or tuned mopeds. The unique thing about the E-box is that it comes with a vast array of brackets and fittings etc making it suitable for lots of different moped models, some of which included the Derbi Senda DRD and Rieju MRX Pro models which used to be a nightmare on exhaust fitment. Priced at £159.60 you won’t find a better looking or performance system for the money.

E-Box exhaust system for Derbi Senda DRD Rieju SMX etc (product code AD/TSLGB03) £159.60

Check out the above products at - supplying scooter parts to the masses.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Doppler race internal rotor ignition kits with lighting coil

The long awaited Doppler ignition systems have arrived and are in stock for the most popular scooter models. Made by MVT you’re basically getting a premium ignition kit for an unbeatable price. They provide almost twice the power of the original ignition system which, in turn, cleans up combustion giving a very crisp, sharp feeling throttle. Not only can you advance or retard the timing to further gain power from scooters using big bore cylinder kits but.... because they replace the original fly wheel and stator with a tiny little rotor that weighs a couple of 100 grams, the throttle response and the way the engine revs becomes completely different. The new CDI unit included in the kit allows power to run to the regulator unlike most ignition kits. This means you have enough power to run the lighting. Personally we think they’re possibly the best upgrade that can be made to any scooter or moped. Available for a range of scooters:

Piaggio engines: AD/475225
Minarelli Euro 2 engines: AD/475229
Peugeot Vertical engines: AD/475224
Peugeot Horizontal engines: AD/475226
Yamaha DTR, MBK X-Limit: AD/475230

Monday, 4 July 2011

NEW helmets and gloves now in stock!

In the latest delivery to arrive at Pedstop HQ was this excellent new range of helmets and gloves. Take a look at the following items:

Chok Graffik helmets are aimed at the younger generation who want that aggressive motocross image. The graffiti inspired design is available in four great colour schemes. Each helmet has the latest ratchet strap fastening which makes taking your helmet off and putting it on quicker and easier. A range of sizes are available and priced at £69.99 you can’t really go wrong:

Black & Grey: M/L/XL
Blue & White: M/L/XL
Black & White: M/L/XL
Red & White: M/XL

THH open face helmets are priced at an unbelievable £32.99! For anyone wanting that classic look or prefers an open face helmet then we recommend considering purchasing one of these. The shiny jet black paintwork and timeless design looks great. And coupled with the soft inner lining, ratchet strap fastening and at this low, low price it’s a combination that's hard to be beaten don’t you think?!

Black: M/L/XL

Steev Dirt Evo motocross gloves are pretty much what they say on the tin... motocross gloves! It should be noted that these don’t offer any form of protection. However they do have a short cuff design with grippy palm and finger pads and give superb control and feel - ideal for all the youngsters out there who like that summer motocross style. Price just £19.55 and available in a choice of colours and sizes:

Black & Orange: XXS/S/M/L/XL/XXL
Red & White: S/M/L/XL
Blue & White: M/L/XL/XXL
Grey & White: S/XXL

Steev Superbike gloves. Despite the name these gloves offer only a small amount of protection, they definitely aren’t a full on race glove. The benefits are though that they feel great in dry weather and look good too. The low price of just £20 is too good to resist! Steev Superbike gloves are available in the following colours and sizes:

Black: S/M/L/XL
Black & Orange: S/M/L/XL
Black & Blue: S/M/L/XL

Steev Pheonix leather gloves are priced at £27.70 and are made from 100% genuine leather. This style of glove is often seen worn by Vespa and Lambretta riders. They give optimum control and feel, they aren’t waterproof so are only suitable for use in dry weather. Available in the following sizes:

Black: M/L/XL