Friday, 20 January 2012

Polini 9 Roller Evolution 3 Hi-Speed Variator Kit

Polini 9 Roller Evolution 3 Hi-Speed Variator Kit

This is the latest version of the extraordinary nine roller variator kit from Polini. The main improvement is a lubrication system that features a case hardened nickel bush pin with a large internal pocket that contains a special grease. The addition of a spring inside the internal pocket allows the grease to distribute evenly on the pin even under extreme racing conditions. There are other changes too like the new nylon and aramidic fibre coated rollers to further help roller sliding. All in all, this kit will not only improve transmission effectiveness, it will enable lower service intervals too.

Available soon for Piaggio / Minarelli 50-94cc engines.

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Pedmoto A3 Air Filter Sheet

Pedmoto A3 Air Filter Sheet

Made up of two layers of sponge, one more porous than the other, these panel filter sheets offer brilliant filtration and in some cases offer a small performance gain. Supplied in A3 size you simply remove your original panel filter, place it on the Pedmoto sponge and cut around it. In most cases the A3 size is plenty big enough to make two or more filters.

Price: £10.40
Product code: AD/PMP-A3

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Friday, 6 January 2012

Doppler Vortex 50cc Cylinder Kits

Doppler Vortex 50cc Cylinder Kits

The all new Vortex 50cc kit from Doppler is set for release this month. It’s a completely new design of cylinder kit that we got a glimpse of back in 2011 thanks to Doppler’s research and development team. With an aluminium nikasil lined barrel and Vertex piston it uses five transfer ports and spherical self-centering cylinder head. Doppler say it’s designed for road use and not only is it their most powerful 50cc kit yet, they also claim it’s the most reliable due to the superb thermal properties with low service intervals. This product will be available for Minarelli AM6 and Derbi D50B0 engines to start with while they finish off the scooter kits. We’re excited to see these new Vortex kits and will get some dyno testing done as soon as this product arrives.

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Minarelli AM6 Racing Gear Box from Top Racing

Minarelli AM6 Racing Gear Box from Top Racing

Top Racing close ratio gear box: Suitable for Minarelli AM6 engines this complete gear box is an absolute must for anyone serious about speed. Often we see people spending money on increasing the power of their engine but never thinking about how they will make the best use of the new performance other than changing sprockets. This kit changes every ratio making gear changes slicker and smoother whilst vastly improving acceleration and top speed.

Price: £225
Product code: AD/6250004

Official Piaggio Parts - Badges

Official Piaggio Badges

Now in stock are a range of Piaggio badges suitable for many different Vespa models. After time the lacquer may start to peel on your existing badge making it look worn and shabby so why not replace it with a shiny new one?

Vespa ET2 50 Tool Box Badge
Price: £5.40
Product code: AD/10465

Piaggio Front Badge for PX LX models etc.
Price: £5.62
Product code: AD/5782

7” Chrome Vespa Badge
Price: £7.96
Product code: AD/5739-G

Yamaha Aerox Adjustable Oil Pump from TNT

Yamaha Aerox Adjustable Oil Pump from TNT

Suitable for all Minarelli scooter engines these adjustable oil pumps from TNT are ideal for anyone who wants to stick with their auto lube system but wants to tailor their oil supply on tuned engines. They're an easy to adjust great alternative to pre-mixing your fuel. 

Price: £29.51
Product code: AD/093600

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year from Adrenalin Pedstop!

Happy New Year to one and all!

Just to let you all know that we're back and busy catching up with the backlog of orders placed during the Christmas break. Orders are being sent out in the order that they were placed, i.e. from 23 December onwards. We trust you all had a great Christmas. If you're already suffering from those January blues then worry not as we've got lots in store for 2012. Keep an eye on our website, twitter as well as our blog for details of new products and the latest developments direct from Pedstop HQ. Not forgetting of course Facebook, feel free to join us on there if you haven't already.

Here's to a great year of scootering in 2012!