Wednesday, 29 June 2011

BSSO 2011 Championship - Rounds 5 & 6: Cadwell Park

With just one week in between rounds this gave our race team precious little time to get the bikes ready in time for Cadwell last weekend. After a disastrous round at Donington, Joe Raves' departure from the team left Josh and Sam to come up with the goods. Frustratingly the weekend was a non-event for Josh due to technical problems which meant losing valuable championship points. In day two the heat was on in more ways than one, thankfully Sam seemed to keep his cool. Get the full low down on BSSO Rounds 5 & 6 in our article at And for your entertainment here's the video:

Thursday, 23 June 2011

BSSO 2011 Championship - Round 4: Donington Park

PETROL Scooter Magazine: If you've been following the progress of our race team this season, then check out our article on Round 4 of the BSSO scooter racing championship which took place at Donington Park last weekend.

PED TV: And for your entertainment, our Donington Park video is also now online, enjoy:

Monday, 20 June 2011

Pedstop Race Team action at Donington Park

We're back and recovering from a long and eventful day of racing at Donington Park yesterday. Round 4 of the 2011 BSSO championship coincided with the Superstars International Race Series which meant there was more to see in between races including the likes of some impressive touring cars and pickup trucks. Donington's 1.95 mile circuit may have been great for the cars but put a strain on the scooters, some more than others. Despite this Pedstop's Sam Schofield appeared to go from strength to strength and put in an admirable performance in all three races.

At Donington, Sam appeared to be getting into a more natural flow on the circuit gaining in confidence with every lap, he even managed to go home with a trophy after coming second in the Auto Class in race one. Everything was going smoothly until the last lap of the last race when the Zip tumbled and hit the gravel. Sam was okay but the resulting damage means there's a load of work to be done to repair and prepare the scoot for next weekend's racing at Cadwell. Scooter racing can be a costly business and at times frustrating, something which the Ravenscrofts can also vouch for...

Young gun Joe Ravenscroft had a tough time at Donington. His Zip had just undergone a full rebuild and was producing good power on the dyno, but technical problems occurred during practice, something went drastically wrong and despite Joe being the third fastest rider he returned to the paddock with a seized engine. A spare engine came into play but this didn't hold out during the first race either, this put an abrupt end to the the day's racing for Joe. When things are going well Joe is among the most skilled up-and-coming riders out there, we hope he'll be able to make a comeback than see racing talent go to waste.

Meanwhile it was pretty much business as usual for BSSO champ Josh Brown. But like Joe, Josh also got a DNF in the first race after the engine exploded towards the end of the race. The second race of the day had to be stopped due to one of the other riders Alex van Dyke taking a fall. And in most races this season (and indeed last season) it seems to be a close battle between Josh and Craig Bewey. But victory came in the final race when Josh just managed to win by a 1000th of a second putting Craig in second.

As well as being easier to spot on the track, our eye-catching new race colours - "teal coloured" as described by one of the commentators, also got a lot of attention from onlookers at Donington, why not come and take a closer look at our scoots in the paddock and in action at Cadwell Park this weekend (25/26 June)? It's a two-day event in conjunction with the VMCC (Vintage Motorcycle Club), so expect to see a few old skool Bantams mixing it once again with the autos.

Video and full report on BSSO Round 4 to follow...

Thursday, 16 June 2011

New Polini Evolution Shocks for Piaggio Zip

Polini's continuous racing development has lead to the production of this superb set of front and rear Evolution shock absorbers for Piaggio Zip scooters. They're easy to set up, improve handling, performance, improve balance on entering a bend and above all they improve riding safety. Produced in collaboration with Paioli you know the quality is going to be second to none.


- Adjustable extension with 20 different positions with effective hydraulic variation by 90%

- Compression regulation by coaxial system to separate high and low speed with effective hydraulic variation of 270%

- Adjustable centre distance with security lock

- Cylinder tube and tank tube made of hard anodized aluminum to grant better heat exchange, low friction and high resistance

- Small tank to reduce weight, space occupied and friction but maintaining high performance

- Use of aeronautic oil to grant longer life and constant performance at both low and high temperatures

Polini currently quote the following retail prices:

Front and rear: Part no. 050.2650 - RRP: 750 Euros (£655) + VAT
Front: Part no. 050.2652 - RRP: 390 Euros (£340) + VAT
Rear: Part no. 050.2651 - RRP: 390 Euros (£340) + VAT

Monday, 13 June 2011

Aprilia, Piaggio and Derbi Spares just in!

For those of you who aren't aware, the Piaggio group also own Aprilia and Derbi so don’t be confused by our recent Piaggio shipment containing lots of Aprilia and Derbi spares. We'll list a few of these below but if you can’t find what you’re looking for then take a scroll through the latest products pages on the home page of our website.

Aprilia RS 50 speedo drive
An OE genuine part so expect the best quality possible. This component is suitable for all Aprilia RS 50 1995 > 2005 models. Product code: AD/AP8201230

Voltage regulator for Derbi D50B0 engines
This voltage regulator is suitable for certain Senda and GPR models where the original regulator has six horizontal pins. At a great price of £47.65 why buy pattern parts when you can buy the original at the same cost? Product code: AD/864660

Flywheel and stator plate for D50B0 engines
OE genuine stator plate and flywheel for some Derbi D50B0 engines mopeds. This long awaited part is now in stock for anyone who has the non-Ducati type ignition system on their modern Derbi. Product code: AD/82852R

Aprilia Mojito 125cc exhaust system
This part will most likely give Mojito 125cc owners a sigh of relief. This is the same genuine Aprilia system that dealers are selling for over £450.00. It’s suitable for 2004 models onwards at a big discounted price of only £267.60. Product code: AD/AP8119834

Piaggio Zip MK II Body Kits / Panels

If you haven’t seen them on our site already we now stock complete body kits for the Piaggio Zip MK II. Available in a range of colours and priced at only £123.00 you can’t really go wrong. The kits consist of five pieces and will transform Zip AC models into looking like the sportier SP model. Get these while you can as they're selling very fast due to the genuine Piaggio panels costing a small fortune.

Black – AD692723
Metallic Orange – AD692724
Metallic Blue – AD692725
White – AD692726
Metallic Red – AD692727
Metallic Green – AD692728

If you don’t require a full body kit for your Piaggio Zip then take a look at these separate panels. The complete front shield in the standard Piaggio white colour is available at £84.70 and the complete rear panel is also priced at £84.70. In comparison to the genuine Piaggio panels you would be saving a fair chunk of your hard earned cash.

Front Panel – AD692726/A

Rear Panel – AD692726/B

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

BSSO 2011 Championship - Round 3: Pembrey

Here's a couple of racing vids from day two at Pembrey which was Round 3 of the 2011 BSSO scooter racing championship.

Race 1: A change in weather conditions meant going back to dry tyres for the team. Josh put in a belting performance leading the whole ten lap race to finish first. Damon Tunnicliffe came second, seven seconds behind. Sam did well finishing fifth but things didn't go too well for young gun Joe. On the last race of day one Joe's engine case split clean in half so this meant an engine swap before day two. Joe got a taste of the action but his Zip was down on power after fitting the spare engine. Coupled with battling against strong headwinds he finished seventh, things can only get better!

Race 2: All the scooters lined up on the grid for one last time and away they went tearing into the first corner. Josh Brown went on to take yet another win with Joe in fourth and Sam in sixth. We didn't stick around long after our final race and was soon packed up ready for the long four hour journey back to Yorkshire. All in all it was a great weekend at Pembrey. Josh got quite a few wins and set another lap record, Sam managed to get a proper feel for his Zip after using different front tyres and Joe, despite having a few technical difficulties, picked up some all important championship points.

Next stop: Donington Park on June 19.