Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Adrenalin-Pedstop; We are closed on Wednesday the 31st August 2011

We regret to inform that we will be closed for the day on the 31st of August due to our year end stock take. There will be no telephone lines open and no dispatch. Normal working will resume as of Thursday the 1st of September. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Regards all at Adrenalin-Pedstop

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Pedstop Pit Bike Frenzy!

Check out our latest PED TV production now on YouTube: Unleashed from the warehouse on pit bikes fitted with PMT racing slicks, watch Pedstop boys Chris and Sam let loose in a frenzied session in the car park.

Friday, 12 August 2011

BSSO scooter racing action at Lydden Hill

The 2011 BSSO series continues – Rounds 8 & 9 took place at Lydden Hill in Kent on 30/31 July. Pedstop's Sam Schofield was there supporting the cause. Despite a lack of sleep, a breakdown and two crashes he still had a smile on his face at the end.

Sit back and watch the action in our onboard footage from race two of round 9. Keep an eye out for flying debris and Sam's crash at the end of the video:

You can also read Sam's account of how it went at this round over at petrolmag.net

Friday, 5 August 2011

go-pod scooter and motorcycle cover

Introducing the go-pod motorcycle and scooter cover - a bike cover like no other!

Each go-pod bike cover is manufactured to fit specific bike and scooter models ranging from 50cc scooters to sports bikes and tourers. Maxi-scooter covers coming soon. They're the ideal rain cover and useful as a dust cover too.

The features of this unique product are as follows:

  • go-pod has a unique self-contained bag system that eliminates the need to find a place to store the cover before use and the bag during use.
  • go-pod can be quickly deployed in all kinds of weather including high winds and covers your bike in seconds.
  • go-pod can be worn like a belt or attached to a pillion seat.
  • go-pod has built-in heat reflector panels to help protect the cover when the bike being covered is hot.
  • go-pod has heavy duty plastic eyelets for a security chain on the rear wheel.
  • go-pod has front and rear reflectors on the cover.
  • go-pod can help act as a theft deterrent when the bike is covered.
  • Unique attachment straps allow the go-pod (in almost all cases) to be secured and locked to most seat types.
  • go-pod is completely waterproof (to the headstat of 5000mm) with taped and double stitched seams which can also help protect your bike against harmful UV rays.
  • go-pod has two belly pan straps and an elasticated bottom edging for a snug and secure fit.

Available now for £59.99. For more info or to purchase simply follow these links:

go-pod Scooter+ (50-250cc scooters)
go-pod Sport (250-1400cc sports bikes)
go-pod Tourer (500-1100cc midi-touring bikes (inc. luggage bags)

go-pod rain covers coming soon for maxi-scooters...

Thursday, 4 August 2011

The North Run 2011 - Article / Videos / Photos

Check out our article on this year's North Run at petrolmag.net where you can also find the videos and galleries containing 200 photos from this year's North Run.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New scooter parts from Polini Motori

Polini sponge air filter for Honda SH 125/150 Pure Air

Polini Motori have designed a new super efficient air filter for the Honda SH 125/150. Manufactured using flexible expanded polyurethane with a polyester base and gauze this air filter is made up of two sponge layers; a finer light blue layer with 60pp porosity and a main black layer with 30pp porosity. The fine layer filters the smallest particles which means it last longer as it doesn't come into contact with larger dust particles that haven't passed through the main pre-filtration layer. The external surface of the filter is waved which yields improved air flow retaining 50% more dust particles. The sponge also has a metal net to act as heat protection. This air filter fulfills European efficiency rules and for further efficiency in retaining dust particles the filter can be soaked in air filter oil.

Polini part no: 203.0156
RRP: 16.50 Euros + VAT (£14.39 at the current exchange rate)

New Polini Evo grips and brake lever covers with updated styling

Polini have updated the graphics on these grips with a new design in those familiar blue and white Evolution colours. Developed with ergonomics and riding safety in mind, the grips have been produced using selected elastomers and technopolymers of aerospace origin. The racing feel of these grips is further added to with a pair of anti-slip sponge brake lever covers. This combination offers improved grip and greater comfort when riding. The ribbed hand cover flange also prevents the hand from slipping as well as neutralising vibrations.

Polini part no: 341.0025
RRP: 21.43 Euros + VAT (£18.69 at the current exchange rate)