Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Shiny! New 14 piece Gilera Runner Evo body kits

The classic Gilera Runner Evo body kits are back in stock this time with an additional two parts - the pillion grab rail and the part that sits underneath it:

This brings the kit total up to 14 pieces and at £199 (including free delivery) they're an effective and economical way of giving any Gilera Runner model up to 2006 some sharp styling. The kits are available in several colours including purple which has never been available before until now:

Colours and links to the individual product pages as follows:

Metallic Black
Product Code: AD692679

Product Code: AD692680

Metallic Silver
Product Code: AD692685

Metallic Sky Blue
Product Code: AD692682

Metallic Green (comes with the two additional parts in black)
Product Code: AD692683

Metallic Orange
Product Code: AD692686

Purple *NEW*
Product Code: AD692692

Each kit costs £199 (inc. VAT and free delivery). RRP: £245

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Brilliant new Yamaha Aerox body kits now in stock

The latest addition to our product range for Yamaha Aerox and MBK Nitro models is this rather excellent 10 piece body panel kit which has a more angular appearance compared to the TNT kits. They're a brilliant way of transforming the overall appearance of your scooter without breaking the bank. This particular kit is ideal for both liquid and air cooled 100cc models due to the full apron cover which doesn't leave any gaps under the handlebars.

Colours, product codes and links as follows:

Product Code: AD692697

Metallic Black
Product Code: AD692698

Metallic Sky Blue
Product Code: AD692699

Product Code: AD692700

Metallic Orange
Product Code: AD692701

Metallic Green (with Metallic Black speedo panel)
Product Code: AD692702

Each kit costs £205 (inc. VAT). RRP: £235

Friday, 19 March 2010

PED TV: Adrenalin Pedstop YouTube Channel

Since July last year we've been quietly uploading scooter videos to YouTube. Some of you will have already found them. If you're one of those people who hasn't then it's about time we plugged our channel:

With a busy racing calendar ahead of us you can guarantee there'll be more racing videos from us this year let alone short films documenting our antics. So if you want to keep up with it all, subscribe to our YouTube channel today.

If you're planning on attending any of our events this year (like The North Run on Sunday July 18th) then you could be on PED TV too as we'll be taking video cameras wherever we go.

Click here to go straight to our YouTube channel.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Yasuni C16 exhaust for Minarelli vertical engines - MBK Booster, BWS, Stunt etc.

This new C16 exhaust system for Minarelli vertical engines will be with us in around seven days, so if you're looking for a pipe that's suitable for a high-end cylinder kit then this is the one:

Yasuni Carrera C16 - Aluminium/Carbon/Carbon Kevlar Silencer

Part Numbers: AD/TUB308 / AD/TUB308C / AD/TUB308CK

The above pictures are all we have at the moment but as you can see with the workmanship that's on show the quality is second to none. Fitting will require the usual roller and clutch spring changes. We know that the UK hasn't got the Minarelli bug like Europe but look at this system - it's metal sex!

RRP from £213.54. Our Price: £178.79

For all our Yasuni exhaust systems click: here.

New 70cc Polini Evolution engine for 2010 for Piaggio Zip - 25hp

Another engine and a new cylinder from Polini, things are definitely hotting up in Italy, what's going on?!

This new 47.6mm cylinder kit is set to give an enormous 25hp which should please the Italian cup riders along with young gun runners Sam & Josh in this year's BSSO Championship.

As you can see from the pictures the new 70cc uses the same cylinder layout as the 94cc big bore which will also be available soon. A new crankshaft, ignition and exhaust also make an appearance on the latest Evo incarnation with usual goodies assembled.

For more info on the complete 70cc engine click here. Price: £2765.00

For more details on the 94cc components take a look here.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Project Zip - Sideways at Shaw's Hairpin

Now you can watch the second of our videos shot at Mallory Park showing more of the action including onboard camera footage of Josh's off at Shaw's Hairpin.

Get the lowdown on our test day at Mallory Park here on PETROL. And you can also find our previous Project Zip videos here.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

BSSO Test Day at Mallory Park for Adrenalin Pedstop

Friday 5th March: Well the test day came and went without too many incidents although some politics seemed to be present at the track. All in all it went well with our Polini-engined Zip proving to be strong and reliable after some tweaks from Darryl Taylor and few more people that contributed (thanks).

Sam and Josh had some good laps and a couple of offs. Can we say a big thanks to Josh for crashing in such a way that our stickers didn't even get grazed and a quick hello to all the Tingles out there.

Helmet and bike cameras were used to try and give you an idea of what it looks like onboard a 70cc Piaggio Zip on the race track. Watch the video:

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Leo Vince TT exhaust systems - FREE SHIPPING and only £79.99

The ever popular Leo Vince TT exhaust seems to have been around forever almost, with good reliability and performance it's easy to see why.

Most Leo Vince exhaust systems include variator rollers and clutch spring sets and the model application is vast. With our latest offer price of £79.99 and fast free shipping this could be the perfect road system for anyone on a budget.

Take a look at our Leo Vince product list.

New Polini parts are here: Piaggio secondary gearing with roller bearings

New secondary gearing from Polini with roller bearings 16/47.

This new generation of gear ratios from Polini covers new ground with a simple idea. The usual gear-up kit sits in the exact same position as the one being replaced and works in the same way and only lengthens the ratio to improve performance.

This new kit from Polini offers the same reliability as before but with an additional improvement due to the use of two bearings. The reduction in friction allows for a reduction in power loss which in turn offers a faster overall response through the gearbox. Modifications to the stock gearbox aren't required and improvements will be seen throughout acceleration and result in a higher top speed.

Only £59.60, here's the product code and link: AD/202.1402

Shop on-line at: www.adrenalin-pedstop.com

New Polini Speed Clutch with fixed settings

Polini's new fixed Speed Clutch is now in stock and incorporates some great features at a great price.

Two new clutches have actually been introduced; one for stock or tuned engines with fixed settings and another that allows adjustments for tuned and race engines. The two fixed clutches which cover the popular Piaggio and Minarelli engines can be found via the following product codes: AD/249.046 and AD/249.048. Both have a fixed setting and are supplied with an additional spring set which allows for individual changes to suit the scooter they're being used on.

Fitting is easy due to it being a direct exchange with the stock part. This upgrade offers improved acceleration with a stronger resistance to vibration throughout the full speed range.

At only £40.85 the new Polini Speed Clutch is easily the winner when being compared to the Malossi Fly Clutch.