Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Leo Vince SBK EVO II exhaust for Piaggio MP3 300ie

Leo Vince SBK EVO II Exhaust for Piaggio MP3 300ie

The technicians at Leo Vince are now developing their SBK EVO exhaust range for four-stroke scooters. The SBK (which stands for superbike) is already race proven in Moto GP and road racing series with some pretty looking systems too. The slip on is made from stainless steel which undergoes a sand blasting treatment that gives a titanium look and it’s finished off with a stylish carbon fibre tip. The first scooter version to come off the production line is for Piaggio MP3 300ie (2001 models onwards) and is fully E-approved for road use.  We personally think these systems will become extremely popular.

For more products from Leo Vince, take a look at our website.

Ardi tax disc holders / 12V electric horn

Ardi Tax Disc Holder

Made of aluminium and with a 100% watertight seal you can be sure that your expensive tax disc won't get soggy anymore with an Ardi tax disc holder. And for added security the face of the tax disc holder fastens down with six allen key bolts. Available in five different anodised colours, each tax disc holder comes with an allen key and anti-vibration washer included. Price: £11.99

Red: AD/LH7R
Blue: AD/LH7B
Silver: AD/LH7S
Gold: AD/LH7G
Black: AD/LH7K

Ardi 12V Electric Horn

Another useful product from Ardi is this 12V electric horn that's suitable for the majority of scooters on the market today. The sharp 100 decibel noise can be heard by other motorists and will also pass an MOT.

Price: £6.25
Product code: AD/HOR004

Monday, 13 February 2012

Tecnigas Silent Road performance exhaust for Honda CBR 125

Tecnigas Silent Road Performance Exhaust

Tecnigas have now released their Silent Road exhaust system for Honda CBR 125cc models. This lightweight sports system provides great power gains whilst keeping noise levels to a minimum. The reduced noise avoids a sound that doesn’t suit the bike as we've come across with many other brands of exhaust.

Product code: AD/TSLSR01
Price: £169.99

Genuine Dell'Orto carburettors for scooters

Dell’Orto PHBG 21mm DS Carburettor

The most used carburettor in the world of scooter tuning has to be the Dell’Orto PHBG 21mm. With its versatility it has been used on cast iron 70cc set-ups right up to high-end Polini Evolution race engines.  The quality is second to none and setting up is often a breeze with a little know-how. This particular one is slightly cheaper than the black ‘race’ edition with a few small differences: The plastic float bowl has to be removed to change the jet and the top cap is held on with two screws as opposed to the ‘race’ edition’s quick screw-off cap.

Product code: AD/110237
Price: £68.00

Dell'Orto 17.5mm Carburettors

After many requests for 17.5mm carburettors we decided to take some action and now stock the range of Dell'Orto PHVA (auto choke) and PHBN (manual choke) carbs for many makes and models of scooter. These carbs act as a replacement on some of the newer models and are the perfect upgrade for 50 / 70cc road setups. With the Dell’Orto reputation of quality and performance you’d expect the price to be high but look at the list below and you’ll be pleasantly surprised:

Dell'Orto PHBN 17.5mm carb for Minarelli engines: AD/110216
Price: £48.90

Dell'Orto PHVA 17.5mm for Piaggio engines: AD/110217
Price: £48.90

Dell'Orto PHVA 17.5mm for Minarelli engines: AD/110216A
Price: £56.00

Dell'Orto PHVA 17.5mm for Peugeot 50cc engines: AD/110218
Price: £57.00

139 QMB 50cc 4T Standard 50cc Piston Kit

139 QMB 50cc 4T standard 50cc piston kit

Long awaited but finally here are the standard 50cc piston kits for Chinese import 50cc four-stroke scooters. With the huge increase in the number of imported scooters landing on our shores it’s about time someone got some spares in don’t you think?

Product code: AD/050353
Price: £14.40

Haynes workshop manuals

Haynes Workshop Manuals

Why pay a mechanic £45 (or more) an hour when you can do the work yourself with a little guidance? Haynes manuals explain everything from changing brake pads to complete engine overhauls with the help of diagrams plus a lot of other useful information. We now have them in stock for Suzuki Burgman 250 / 400cc models and the ever popular Yamaha YZF-R 125cc moped.

Yamaha YZF-R 125: AD/MAN5543
Suzuki Burgman 250 / 400cc: AD/MAN4909
Price: £19.99

To take a look at our full product range from Haynes, take a look at our website.

New maxi scooter performance products from Polini

Polini Maxi Hi-Speed Variator Kit

The latest maxi scooter variator from Polini features their all-new patented bush pin lubrication system which offers a smoother more efficient transmission therefore requiring less servicing. The lubrication of the bush pin is not the only benefit as the rollers are made of a new material that’s designed to last much longer. So all in all you’re getting a better variator that requires less roller changes therefore saving you money in the long run.

Fitment: Honda PCX
Product code: 241.697
Price: £111.18

Fitment: Kymco 200-300cc maxi scooters
Product code: 241.694
Price: £136.22

Polini Filters for Yamaha T-Max Models

Made from materials developed in the USA for F1 cars, the Polini filter range for Yamaha T-Max maxi scooters offer a performance gain by allowing your 500cc 4-stroke engine to reach its full potential. Not only are Polini offering performance intake filters, they also supply the same high quality filter for the variator cooling system. This further enhances performance by allowing more cold air through to the variator which enables improved acceleration and hill speed capabilities.

Fitment: All Yamaha T-Max models
Product code: 203.0149
Price: £33.79

Fitment: Air filter for 2004-2007 Yamaha T-Max models
Product code: 203.0144
Price: £43.82

Fitment: Air filter for Yamaha T-Max models from 2008 onwards
Product code: 203.0148
Price: £49.09

Polini Roller Kits

Available in 15x12, 16x13 and 19x15.5, these roller kits from Polini not only save you money, they can also enable you to achieve the perfect setup. No longer do you have to keep buying sets of rollers, by using these kits you can now change the inner of the newly designed roller in order to change the weight. Each pack contains a selection of different weight inners along with the outer roller shells that are made from a material that’s very resistant to wear. Prices start at around £15.50.

If you’re interested in any of the above products from Polini then contact us so that we can amend our future stocking plans.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pedmoto Series 1 exhaust system developments

Pedmoto Series 1 exhaust system (prototype)

If you've been following the discussion on our Facebook page then you'll have heard about the good results of our Pedmoto Series 1 exhaust during testing. A big "thank you" to Ben Davies and Tom Holloway who allowed us to torture their bikes for an evening. All tests went better than expected with surprisingly pleasing figures as a 50 and 70cc exhaust. Shocking really, this system was only intended to come out as one of the strongest performing 50 systems and it has ended up out performing some of the best and poorest in both stock 50 format and mid-range 70 setups.

Visually, the aggressive angle of the Series 1 really benefits the bike by making more of the rear wheel visible. Fitting and removal of the pipe is also easy thanks to the accessibility of the exhaust manifold. The finished system will be sold with a black anodised silencer and will be supplied in a lacquered or bare metal finish just in case anyone wants to have them chrome or nickel plated. We still need to crunch the price a little but we can guarantee it will be hard to beat on performance, price, appearance and general quality for a quite possible RRP of £99.99. We'll keep you updated with further developments.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

FREE Series 1 Pedmoto exhaust system up for grabs!

Pedmoto Series 1 exhaust system (prototype)

Here's a sneak preview of the latest prototype which has now reached the 'beta' stage of development meaning it's now close to going into production. Stocking most of the best brands has made it easy for us to see what's needed to make a good system and hopefully at a lower price than any of the potential competition (providing we've done our sums right)!

Our very own Pedmoto Series 1 performance exhaust has been developed for the popular 50 to 70cc sports range, and now we want one of you guys to help us in our development:

Although our exhaust has already proven to be one of the strongest performers if not the strongest on our test bike, we want to test it on some fresh meat before we commit to a production run. So we need a volunteer with a standard scooter that has a Minarelli horizontal engine (2010/2011) with no more than an aftermarket exhaust fitted and re-jetted etc. (e.g. Aerox, Jog RR, Malaguti F12/F15). Remember guys we're based in Barnsley so it might make sense for you to be quite local. As a reward the owner of the test bike used will receive a FREE Series 1 Pedmoto system!

Interested in helping out? Simply go to our Facebook page to express your interest.

By the way, the eagle eyed among you may have spotted a familiar silencer clamp used for testing in our prototype, no prizes unfortunately for guessing which one!