Friday, 17 August 2012

Polini Hi-Speed variator for 4T Peugeot Speedfight 3 / SYM 50

Keeping up with the times Polini have developed a new HI-SPEED variator dedicated to four-stroke Peugeot and Sym scooters.

The new HI-SPEED variator kit includes rollers, compressing spring and clutch spring and offers improved starts and power output across the rev range even on 50cc displacements. The new half-pulley, die cast in light alloy of high siliceous content, is manufactured with new inclinations of the roller sliding surfaces. The compression spring also has a balanced charge which improves the power output at every rpm.

Polini product code: 241.704
RRP: 52 Euros (£40.92) + VAT

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Airsal 125c cylinder kit for Honda S-Wing 125 etc.

This may look like a replacement barrel from Airsal however with the Nikasil plated aluminium barrel and redesigned flat top piston to increase compression you will also see a small HP and torque gain throughout the rev range. Like all Airsal components the quality is top notch to ensure durability is retained and it’s a fraction of the price of purchasing the original part from a main dealer. Suitable for Honda 125cc 4T engine scooters like the Honda Dylan, Pantheon, PS 125i etc.

Product code: AD/CYL21
Price: £122.40

BS-20 smart battery charger

The BS-20 battery charger is one of the most advanced battery optimisers on the market to date. Suitable for motorcycles, scooters, jet skis, boats, lawn mowers and pretty much anything else that’s uses a 12V battery. It’s also compatible with all types of 12V lead acid batteries including AGM, gel, maintenance free, conventional and calcium. With a built in battery recovery system it can rejuvenate tires batteries and also maintain batteries through the winter months when you may have your bike parked up. All in all a great compact charger that does it all for you with no complicated settings to choose from.

Product code: AD/BS20
Price: £45.00

Derbi Senda DRD front brake lever

Sold individually this front brake lever is supplied by Vicma and fits Derbi Senda DRD models, Bultaco Astro, Motorhispania RX 50 etc.

Product code: AD/70252
Price: £7.00

OE Dynaflex drive belt for Chinese import GY6 125cc 4T engines

Another part that we get numerous calls for is a drive belt suitable for GY6 125cc 4T engine scooters. With a huge fitment range for Kymco, Sym, Daelim, Baotian and many more.

Product code: AD/CT64
Price: £15.50

Ignition switch and lock set for Yamaha YZF-R 125 models

After many requests we now stock this ignition switch and lock set for YZF-R 125 models from 2007 onwards. Each kit includes a new ignition switch, barrel, seat lock and two sets of keys.

Product code: AD/10844
Price: £32.90

Ignition switch and lock set for Kymco Agility 125 models

Suitable for all Kymco Agility 125 models each kit includes a new ignition switch / barrel, seat lock mechanism, glove box lock and two sets of keys. Now in stock.

Product code: AD/10882
Price: £45.60

Crankshaft Oil Seal for Piaggio 50cc 2T engines

These are the same seals provided in Doppler’s C4 bearing kits and can be used in standard, high end or racing Piaggio engines. Suitable for Piaggio Zip, Gilera Runner, Ice, DNA, Aprilia SR 50 R and many more scooters.

Product code: AD/S5766
Price: £7.40

TNT Number Plate Brackets for Peugeot vertical engines

TNT’s handy little reg plate brackets fit neatly to your crankcase cover so you can tidy up the rear of your scooter. Now available in matt black or an anodised light blue colour suitable for all Peugeot scooters using vertical engines like Speedfight, Trekker, Vivacity etc.

Anodised blue
Product code: AD/541252A
Price: £18.00

Matt black
Product code: AD/5412525B
Price: £18.00

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New TNT suspension risers now in

Our latest TNT delivery included a few more suspension risers to add to our already extensive collection. For Piaggio engine scooters we have a matt black four hole jack-up kit. And for Minarelli horizontal engines a shiny white riser. Both of these look great and can also offer increased turn in speeds.

Matt black for Piaggio engines
Product code: AD/520618
Price: £20.10

White for Minarelli horizontal engines
Product code: AD/520608B
Price: £15.40