Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Polini Tuning Parts 2013 Catalogue

Polini's 2013 catalogue is packed with goodies including all of the new items which can be found on pages 2 -7.      Polini 2013 catalogue

We will have more info on the new parts over the next few days so we will keep you posted.

Monday, 5 November 2012

CPI SM 50cc Cylinder Kits

Aluminium 50cc Cylinder Kit

Standard replacement cylinders for CPI SM and  SX 50cc models at one time were hard to come by especially at a reasonable price. Well things have changed and now the only problem seems to be dropping on a good one, especially if you are looking for a stock 50cc replacement which is aluminium.

Stickyparts offer this aluminium nikasil plated barrel for a fraction of the original RRP supplied complete with a new piston kit and base gasket all finished to the highest OE standard.

STP682 – £108.00

Derbi Senda 70cc Cylinder Kit, New Moped Tuning Parts

70cc Big Bore Cylinder Kits for Derbi & AM6 Engined Mopeds

Stickyparts 70cc big bore kits are perfect for road use, utilising a cast iron barrel and twin ring piston makes for an extremely durable kit. The port layout offers a great power gain right across the rev range making a smooth user friendly ride. Each kit includes a new cylinder head and all of the necessary components needed to fit including gaskets. In stock for Derbi D50B0, EB050 and Minarelli AM6 engines making them suitable for Aprilia RS, RX, SX Derbi Senda, GPR etc

Derbi D50B0 engines – STP680 - £120.00
Minarelli AM6 engines – STP674 - £120.00
Derbi EB050 engines – STP678 - £120.00

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Athena Sprinter, 94cc Dragster

We thought we would give you a chance to take a look at Athena’s sprint bike “scooter” and let you see what thinking out of the box can lead to. After only 4 months they have beaten some of the strongest competition in Europe with an engine hybrid Moto X meets Auto scooter. Take a look at the carburettor manifold position, hopefully all of this testing leads to some interesting cylinder kits in the future.

The project to create an ATHENA dragster “sprint bike” began a few months ago from an Italian-French team including Athena’s Technical Chief Mr Luigi Vangelista and the French mechanic Mr St├ęphane Fort with the support of Athena’s Mr Matteo Mancassola and Athena French sales representative Mr Jean-Paul Bourdoux.

The Athena cylinder kit fitting Minarelli engines is a prototype based on a KTM 65cc cylinder kit, fully revised in its porting as well as diagrams and of course using special racing parts in order to reach a displacement of 94cc.

• Frame: aluminium
• Engine: Minarelli Horizontal engine - long type MBK Ovetto”
• Piston: diameter 50 mm
• Cylindre kit: Athena DRAGSTER Prototype BIG BORE cylinder kit, bore size 50mm
• Displacement: 65cc
• Crankshaft: Athena Prototype crankshaft 48mm stroke
• Rad valves: BOYESEN
• Carburetor: Dell’Orto carburetor VHST 30 MM
• Variator, clutch, transmission and belt are all Athena prototypes
• Rear brake: drum
• Front brake: disc
• Radiator: Fluidyne Radiator
• Current power @ the wheel: 29.5 HP tested on a DYNOJET bench, the target is to go over 30HP
• Total weight: 42 kg

When Athena began its sprinting adventure they promised they were there to win.
And so it is, after only four months from Athena’s first appearance at the 150-meter track they have taken to the highest step of the podium in Salbris where it all began with an excellent third place in July.

The competition, which took place on October 27th and 28th, was particularly intense. Riders were welcomed to the track by a winter’s day with an icy road bed and lashing winds, all of which made it difficult to control the drag bikes road holding on the start. In qualifying Athena demonstrated it was heading for success, reaching the first place with their rider Guillaume. With competition much more challenging than expected changes were made in the team-play, from the rider to all the technical staff and of course things were made a little easier due to the power and reliability of the Athena engine.

So with the final sprint came the victory with the time of 4.8 seconds.

Athena parts