Wednesday, 26 January 2011

2011 Polini Evolution 70cc/94cc 2T Piaggio/Minarelli LC engines

If you've got the need for speed and desire an out and out race spec engine then how about this - a complete race engine built by the Polini factory...

Each engine has its own unique number and is built to Polini's exacting standards and every engine is dyno tested before being signed off by Polini's technicians. Two formats are available: 2T Piaggio liquid cooled (e.g. Piaggio Zip 50 SP 1996-99 / 50 SP 2001 onwards) or 2T Minarelli horizontal liquid cooled (e.g. Yamaha Aerox 50 / MBK Nitro 50 / Yamaha Jog RR) with a choice of 70cc or 94cc.


Polini's new 2011 Evolution Piaggio 70cc engine (product code: AD/050.0937) has the same 47.6mm cylinder as well as the same layout as the 94cc big bore kit and is capable of producing between 24 to 25hp. The latest engine carries all the usual goodies along with the new Evolution cylinder (47.6mm), a new crankshaft and the latest ignition system which we already like very much, not forgetting the latest Big Evolution exhaust.

If you're looking for maximum performance then Polini's 94cc Big Evolution engine (product code: AD/050.0938) is capable of producing between 27 and 30hp! Again, not only do you get the very latest high end Polini performance products, you're getting a blue print for speed, an engine put together by expert technicians at Polini.


Polini's 70cc Minarelli horizontal liquid cooled engine, like the Piaggio version, is capable of a very impressive 25hp. Not only do you get an extensive list of high end racing parts pre-fitted, the crankcase and cylinder are also ported to Polini's very precise standards to ensure optimum performance. For a full list of all the components fitted to this engine, take a look at our product page: Polini 70cc Big Evolution Minarelli horizontal engine (product code: AD/050.0939).

If you want to go a step further then how about the 94cc Big Evolution engine (product code: AD/050.0940), this is capable of between 27 to 30hp, suffice to say it's a bit of a monster.

The proof is in the pudding as they say and after Pedstop rider Josh Brown's blistering performance in last year's BSSO series we have no doubts about the capabilities of these engines. Anyone interested in purchasing please call us direct on 01226 630020. We can also offer a good discount to anyone interested in using a Polini engine in this year's BSSO series. As usual we're able to offer expert advice and technical support on all Polini products.