Tuesday, 15 November 2011

PedMoto scooter performance parts: Air Filters


PedMoto Air Filters: Along with many other PedMoto scooter performance parts that are currently in development PedMoto air filters have been designed and vigorously tested by us here at Adrenalin Pedstop. Currently there are two types available – panel filters and pod filters.

Panel filters: With their twin foam design and the specific porosities of foam that we’ve chosen, PedMoto panel filters allow for great air flow whilst improving filtration properties. With these being a direct swap for the original air filter they’re great for a small performance gain or a service. At present there are two different fitments in stock however the full range will be available to purchase within the next few weeks. The price is great too at ONLY £4.40.

Panel filter for Gilera Runner, Piaggio Zip etc.
Product code: PMPPF001

Panel filter for Yamaha Aerox, Jog R etc.
Product code: PMPPF002

Pod filters: We’re proud to present two different types of foam pod filter. First up is our exclusive race version that was developed during the 2011 BSSO race season. Made up of one single layer of foam this filter is very porous and allows the maximum possible air flow and performance. This compromises filtration however it’s ideal for anyone wanting the best possible power comparable to using no filter at all. Price £14.85.

Race type pod filter (58mm union)
Product code: AD/PMP-58R

We also do a road version of this filter that has a second layer of foam with a low porosity. The two layers enhance filtration properties making this filter ideal for everyday use in all weather conditions. Each filter comes in a wide range of union sizes and are priced at £14.85 each.

Road type twin foam pod filter

All PedMoto air filters are made in England.